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George C. Davis Glass Lantern Slides

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George C. Davis Glass Lantern Slides


The Davis Photographic Records contain approximately 12,200 black and white images, negatives, glass plate negatives and glass lantern slides. Black and white prints vary in size between 5"x7", 8"x10" and various oversized prints; 8"x10" glass plate negatives; 5"x7" and 8"x10" negatives; 3"x5" glass lantern slides. All Davis images can be dated circa 1904-1968. There are images with Davis' signature that predate 1904, but they are believed to have been taken by Chandler Studio, the photography firm bought out by Davis in 1904. Although the majority of Davis' images are marked with his signature in the lower right corner, it is important to note that not all of the images are marked. Davis rarely recorded identifying information on the images. For this reason, many of his images are unidentifiable. The majority of images from the Davis Collection seen on this database are street scenes, businesses and points of interest in Roanoke and its vicinity where it was possible to at least minimally identify them. While the Virginia Room has a large number of portraits from Davis' collection, they are not represented here. An index of all identified portraits is available in the Virginia Room.


George C. Davis Photography


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Collection Items

Davis GL 10 Rorer Avenue
View of buildings along Rorer Avenue.

Davis GL 100 Playground in Norwich
PLayground in Norwich neighborhood.

Davis GL 104 Maiden Lane
Houses on Maiden Lane.

Davis GL 105 Melrose Avenue
Melrose Avenue. Exact location unknown.

Davis GL 108 Salem Avenue
Vacant store fronts in the 100 block of Salem Avenue.

Davis GL 11 Staunton Avenue
View of Staunton Avenue near 24th Street.

Davis GL 110 Campbell Avenue
Various business signs along E. Campbell Avenue.

Davis GL 111 Fire Escape Diagram
Fire Escape diagram depicting a "state-of-the-art" fire escape containing a slide.

Davis GL 12 Watts Springs
View of two men standing beside Watts Springs.

Davis GL 13 Church Avenue
View of Church Avenue looking east from Commerce Street (now 2nd Street). Greene Memorial UMC visible on right, old YMCA visible on left.

Davis GL 14 Pond in Elmwood Park
View of pond in Elmwood Park.

Davis GL 16 Neighborhood
Though not in Roanoke, this Longview, Washington neighborhood scene was used as an example in John Nolen's plan for Roanoke.

Davis GL 17 Unidentified Building
Unidentified building near downtown.

Davis GL 172 Hotel Patrick Henry
View of Hotel Patrick Henry from Elmwood Park

Davis GL 18 Windsor Avenue
Windsor Avenue in Raleigh Court

Davis GL 19 Campbell Avenue
Looking west on Campbell Avenue at intersection with Jefferson Street.

Davis GL 2 Scene in Elmwood Park
Scene in Elmwood Park with a view of Patrick Henry Hotel.

Davis GL 2.1 Scene in Elmwood Park
Scene in Elmwood Park viewing the rose garden.

Davis GL 20 Salem Avenue
View of Salem Avenue east from Second Street, SW. Buildings lines street with painted advertisements.

Davis GL 21 Terry Building
Image of a building being demolished.

Davis GL 21.1 Terry Building
Image of a building being demolished with coat laying on ladder.

Davis GL 22 Single Family Dwelling
View of a single family dwelling made of brick.

Davis GL 222 Patrick Henry Hotel
View of Patrick Henry Hotel from Elmwood Park.

Davis GL 23 Jefferson Street
View of advertisement signs hanging from the front of buildings along South Jefferson Street.

Davis GL 232 Northeast
Derelict home in Northeast. Exact location unknown.

Davis GL 237 Walnut Avenue Bridge
Side view of the Walnut Avenue and Jefferson Street bridges.

Davis GL 241 10th Street
A view of 10th Street NW at Williamson Road and the Oakland School.

Davis GL 242 Shaffers Crossing
North entrance to Shaffer's Crossing.

Davis GL 25 Southeast
View of several homes in Southeast.

Davis GL 26 State and City Bank
Side view of State & City Bank, once located at approximately 206 Jefferson Street. This photo was taken after a building was razed.

Davis GL 269 Jefferson Street
Northwest corner at the intersection of Jefferson Street and Campbell Avenue.

Davis GL 29 Truck
Image of a tanker style truck.

Davis GL 3 Melrose Park
View of people playing recreational games in Melrose Park.

Davis GL 30 Campbell Avenue
View of West Campbell Avenue at 8th Street intersection, 1928.

Davis GL 31 Patterson Avenue
A view of Patterson Avenue.

Davis GL 32 Play Day
"Play Day" at Maher field 12 May 1928.

Davis GL 33 Motor Routes to Roanoke
Chamber of Commerce map showing roads to Roanoke.

Davis GL 34 Tennis Courts at Elmwood
The tennis courts once in Elmwood Park.

Davis GL 35 Panoramic View from Mill Mountain
A panoramic sketch from Mill Mountain by Louis Ruyl of New York for the Chamber of Commerce. Caption reads, "Showing spurs of the Blue Ridge with the Alleghany Mountains in the distance, and the Roanoke bowl or amphitheater, McAfee's Knob at left,…

Davis GL 36 Roanoke Hospital
Roanoke Hospital at the foot of Mill Mountain. The Mill Mountain incline can be seen to the right.

Davis GL 37 Dog Mouth Fountain
Sketch of the Dog Mouth Fountain. The fountain was acquired by the city in 1898. It stands at the corner of Salem Avenue and Market Street.

Davis GL 38 Public Library in Elmwood Park
View of the first Roanoke Public Library in Elmwood Park. The library was located in the Terry House, a gift to the city from the Terry Family.

Davis GL 4 Mill Mountain and Roanoke Valley
View of Mill Mountain and the surrounding Roanoke Valley

Davis GL 40 Railway Station
View from Williamson Road of Virginia Railway Station. Jefferson Street bridge in background.

Davis GL 41 Ponce De Leon Hotel
View of the rear of the Hotel Ponce De Leon, with the remainder of a building's foundation visible in foreground.

Davis GL 42 Elmwood Park
View of Elmwood Park from the Patrick Henry Hotel.

Davis GL 43 Church Avenue
View of the intersection of Church Avenue and Second Street SW with the sign for the YMCA on the right.

Davis GL 44 Highland Park
Recreation in Highland Park

Davis GL 46 Spring in Weaver Heights Park
View of the spring once located in Weaver Heights Park.

Davis GL 47 Route 460
View of Route 460 east of Roanoke.

Davis GL 48 Ponce de Leon
View of debris behind original Hotel Ponce de Leon.

Davis GL 49 9th Street
View of 9th Street from the intersection with Jamison Avenue.

Davis GL 5 Montrose Avenue Jog End
View of the 600 block Montrose Avenue lined with houses.

Davis GL 52  Old Episcopal Church
Ruins of an episcopal church in Northeast Roanoke.

Davis GL 55 Downtown Construction
View of men working on construction downtown. Totz Department Store can be seen in the background. Totz was located at 117-119 Salem Avenue SW.

Davis GL 57 Mayors Momument
Mayor's Monument in its original location in Woodland Park at Church Avenue and Sixth Street SE, overlooking the Norfolk and Western Shops. The Mayor

Davis GL 58 Lynchburg Avenue
Unknown location on Orange (Lynchburg) Avenue.

Davis GL 59 Panorama
Panoramic view of Roanoke Valley from Route 221 on Bent Mountain at the top of the climb up the mountain just before it reaches the top.

Davis GL 6 Highland Park School
View of Highland Park Elementary School, located at 1212 5th Street.

Davis GL 64 Salem Avenue
Approximately 132 Salem Avenue.

Davis GL 66 Melrose Park
Melrose Park on Melrose Avenue between 14th and 15th Streets.

Davis GL 68 Allison Avenue
A view of the 300 block of Allison Avenue.

Davis GL 69 Pond in Elmwood Park
View of pond in Elmwood Park .

Davis GL 7 Jefferson Street Looking North
Aerial view of Jefferson Street looking north.

Davis GL 71 Zone Plan City of Roanoke
Map of City of Roanoke's Zone Plan used in Nolen Plan.

Davis GL 72 Fairacres
Fairacres, located at 2713 Avenham Avenue, was built in 1912 by W.C. Stephenson. It remained in the Stephenson Family until 1963, when it was purchased by the Roanoke Council of Garden Clubs. The club kept the home until 2003. It is now a private…

Davis GL 75 Map of Roanoke
Map of City of Roanoke and Environs used in the Nolen plan.

Davis GL 76 Existing Conditions of Roanoke
Existing Conditions Map of City of Roanoke used in Nolen plan

Davis GL 77 Traffic Congestion Flyer
Traffic Congestion Flyer circa 1928.

Davis GL 79 Jamison Bakery
Jamison Company Bakery, formerly located at 541 Salem Avenue.

Davis GL 8 Stone Bridge
Children play under stone bridge. Location unknown.

Davis GL 80 Giles Brothers Furniture
Giles Brothers Furniture, formerly located at 108 Campbell Avenue.

Davis GL 81 Schulte United Building
Campbell Avenue as seen from the Schulte United building, formerly located at 16 Campbell Avenue.

Davis GL 84 Center Parkway
Center Parkway, 9th Street SE.

Davis GL 85 FNEB Detail
Stonework etched with First National Exchange Bank.

Davis GL 86 Washington Park
Washington Park, located at 1610 Burrell Street.

Davis GL 87 Grandin Road
Looking north on Grandin Road from Sherwood Avenue.

Davis GL 88 Wasena Terrace
Looking east on Wasena Terrace.

Davis GL 89 Comprehensive Plan
Map included in John Nolen's Comprehensive Plan for the City of Roanoke.

Davis GL 9 Scene in Highland Park
Scene in Highland Park.

Davis GL 90 Mountain Avenue
Looking east on Mountain Avenue at 4th Street intersection.

Davis GL 92 Eleventh Street
Billboards lining Eleventh Street at Moorman Avenue intersection.

Davis GL 94 Market Street
Looking north on Market Street.

Davis GL 98 Pitzer Transfer
Pitzer Transfer Storage Warehouse, formerly located at the corner of Franklin Road and 2nd Street.
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