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A Guide to the Marsteller Corporation Records Collection



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A Guide to the Marsteller Corporation Records Collection


The Marsteller Corporation Records Collection contains acknowledgements of orders placed for grave markers. Orders in this collection begin in 1911 and continue through 1960; missing orders include the years 1915 and 1916, 1920-1924, 1938-1941 (surnames A-J). It is important to note that the year in which a marker was ordered does not necessarily indicate year of death. In many cases, markers were ordered years after an individual passed. Orders often contain the following information:

• Name of decedent
• Date of birth
• Date of death
• Burial location
• Cost of marker
• Name and address of the individual who ordered the

Many orders contain more than one marker. In some cases, orders contain information regarding military service and familial relationships to the decedent. The earliest known date of birth contained in this collection is 1754. The latest date of death is 1960. While the majority of records contain complete dates of birth and death, in some cases this information was not known or provided at the time the marker was ordered. Unknown dates are indicated in the container list by NG (not given) in the appropriate column.
The records are physically arranged first chronologically by order year and then alphabetically by surname. In cases where orders contain more than one surname, they are filed under the surname used by the Marsteller Corporation. For example, the surnames ‘Smith’ and ‘Adams’ appear on the same order, but they are filed under ‘Adams’; the container list indicates in which box and folder the information can be located.
With the exception of two bound volumes, 1911-1914 and 1917-1919, records consist of loose pages. In an effort to better preserve the records, loose pages were removed from post-bindings and arranged as they were kept by the Marsteller Corporation in folders.


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