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The Virginia Room Digital Collection includes photographs, oral histories, books, pamphlets and finding aids to items in the Virginia Room. Continue to check back for new additions.

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Interviewer: Katie Stueckle
Interviewee: Lisa Lamphier
Date: 17 July 2023
Duration: 34:09
Transcription prepared by: Katie Stueckle

Oral History Interview with Tommy Feazell
Interviewer: Ellasen Spangler
Interviewee: Tommy Feazell
Date: February 26, 2022
Location: Private residence
Total Duration: 1:35:33
Transcription prepared by: Amanda Fox, Abbie Lewis, Samantha Meyer,…

Oral History Interview with Liza
Interviewer: Ashley Werner
Interviewee: Liza
Date: February 25, 2022
Location: Fintel Library, Roanoke College
Total Duration: 1:09:25
Transcription prepared by: Baillee Heatwole, Da’Vaun Lee, Isabella Moritz,…

Oral History Interview with L Saunders
Interviewer: Madelyne Culkin
Interviewee: L Saunders
Date: February 27, 2022
Location: Fintel Library, Roanoke College
Total Duration: 59:14 (in two parts: 45:57 and 13:17)
Transcription prepared by: …

Oral History Interview with Dr. Gregory Samantha Rosenthal
Interviewer: Catherine Jessee
Interviewer: Dr. Gregory Samantha Rosenthal
Date: 6 April 2021
Location: Online via Zencastr
Duration: 1:29:39

Oral History Interview with Shamaill Ross
Interviewer: Michelle Ogutu
Interviewee: Shamaill Ross
Date: 23 March 2021
Location: Online via Zencastr
Duration: 1:19:43
Transcription prepared by: Liz Ragsdale, Avery Monahan, and Alejandra Carino

Oral History Interview with Price
Interviewer: Steph Zemba
Interviewee: Price
Date: 18 March 2021
Location: Online via Zencastr
Duration: 94:18
Transcription prepared by: Erica Gudino, Hannah Brotton, Charlie, Steph Zemba, and Alexus Smith

Oral History Interview with Catina Lowery
Interviewee: Catina Lowery
Interviewer: Alexis Mattson
Date: 24 March 2021
Location: Online via Zencastr
Duration: 59:49
Transcription prepared by: Lucy Perry

Oral History Interview with Toya Jones
Interviewer: Alexis Ebbrecht
Interviewee: Toya Jones
Date: 21 March 2021
Location: Online via Zencastr
Duration: 55:30
Transcription prepared by: Tatiana Cherry-Santos, Caitlin Sharkey, Dylan Sheck, and…

Oral History Interview with Michael Blankenship
Interviewer: Monica Taft
Interviewee: Michael Blankenship
Date: 21 February 2020
Location: Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, 301 Patton Avenue, Roanoke, Virginia
Total Duration:…

Rhame, Ashley (compressed).mp3
Oral History Interview with Ashley Rhame
Interviewer: Julian Edwards
Interviewee: Ashley Rhame
Date: 23 February 2020
Location: Fintel Library, Roanoke College, Salem, Virginia
Total Duration: 66:45
Transcription prepared by: Julian Edwards,…

Cobb, Joe-1.MP3
Oral History Interview with Joe Cobb
Interviewer: Eve Allen
Interviewee: Joe Cobb
Date: 21 February 2020
Location: Fintel Library, Roanoke College, Salem, Virginia
Total Duration: 82:58 (in four parts)
Transcription prepared by: Miranda…

Preston, Nathaniel.MP3
Oral History Interview with Nathaniel Preston
Interviewer: Sebastian Harlow
Interviewee: Nathaniel Preston
Location: Fintel Library, Roanoke College, Salem, Virginia
Date: 22 February 2020
Total Duration: 64:59
Transcription prepared by: Cody…

Oral History Interview with Myer S. Reed
Interviewer: G.S. Rosenthal
Date: 21 October 2019
Location: Roanoke Public Library
Duration: 1:13:49
Transcription prepared by: Megan Reynolds and Kierra Burda

Oral History Interview with Reverend Catherine Houchins
Interviewer: Joel Bowers
Interviewee: Rev. Catherine Houchins
Date: March 11, 2019
Location: Metropolitan Community Church of the Blue Ridge
Total Duration: 56:00
Transcription prepared…

Oral History Interview with Riley Chattin
Interviewer: Jillian Barnard
Interviewee: Riley Chattin
Date: February 22, 2019
Location: Fintel Library, Roanoke College
Total Duration: 57:35
Transcription prepared by: Becca Horton, Alanna Higdon,…

Oral History Interview with Yoedie Cleveland Swain
Interviewer: Elbisa Lindov
Interviewee: Yoedie Cleveland Swain
Date: February 25, 2019
Location: Diva’s House of Hair
Total Duration: 1:02:17
Transcription prepared by: Cameron Sammons and…

Oral History Interview with Gail Burruss
Interviewers: Michelle Eimen
Interviewee: Gail Burruss
Date: February 18, 2019
Location: Fintel Library, Roanoke College
Total Duration: 59:20
Transcription prepared by: Katie Thaxton, Michelle Eimen,…

Interviewer: Kitty Bridgewater
Interviewee: Carolyn Sue Wilson
Date: 25 February 2018
Duration: 1:22:48
Transcription prepared by: Kitty Bridgewater

Kelly, Grace Miss (compressed).mp3
Interviewer: Ashleigh Griffin; Princess Carter
Interviewee: Miss Grace Kelly
Date: 24 February 2018
Duration: 1:41:40
Transcription prepared by: Ashleigh Griffin

Black, Antonp1.MP3
Interviewer: Caitlyn Lewis; Kitty Bridgewater
Interviewee: Anton Black
Date: 22 February 2018
Duration: 66:22
Transcription prepared by: Caitlyn Lewis

Forrest, Larry.MP3
Interviewer: Princess Carter
Interviewee: Larry Forrest
Date: 15 March 2018
Duration: 50:08
Transcription prepared by: Princess Carter

Oral History Interview with Anonymous1
Interviewers: Roanoke College students
Date: 24 February 2017
Location: Downtown Roanoke
Duration: 52:17

BeranichKathryn (compressed).mp3
Oral History Interview with Kathryn L. Beranich
Interviewer: Julia Greider
Interviewee: Kathryn L. Beranich
Date: 17 January 2017
Location: Fintel Library, Roanoke College
Duration: 1:37:03
Transcription prepared by: Kerri Taylor

KellyNancy (compressed).mp3
Oral History Interview with Nancy Kelly
Interviewer: Julia Greider
Interviewee: Nancy Kelly
Date: 17 January 2017
Location: Fintel Library, Roanoke College
Total Duration: 1:38:45
Transciption prepared by: Malinda Britt and Erin Hannon

Oral History Interview with Rissa
Interviewer: Omari Chancellor, Emily Brun
Interviewee: Rissa
Date: 18 February 2017
Location: Roanoke Diversity Center
Total Duration: 56:22
Transciption prepared by: Ta’Tyana Buster, Jac Frost

Muse, Don.MP3
Oral History Interview with Don Muse
Interviewer: Sasha Roberts, Brooke Thacker, Victoria Preston
Interviewee: Don Muse
Date: 19 February 2017
Location: Home of Don Muse
Total Duration: 1:01:18
Transcription prepared by: Victoria Preston,…

Oral History Interview with Martha
Interviewer: Avery Kirkendall, Marcus Stewart
Interviewee: Martha
Date: 22 February 2017
Location: Fintel Library, Roanoke College
Total Duration: 1:03:56
Transcription prepared by: Alexa Doiron, Lorien…

Jordan, Robin.MP3
Oral History Interview with Robin Jordan
Interviewer: Nicholas Dillon
Interviewee: Robin Jordan
Date: 22 February 2017
Location: Fintel Library, Roanoke College
Total Duration: 1:06:29
Transcription prepared by: Yvonne Gravely, Hannah Kolcz,…

Gravely, Garland.MP3
Oral History Interview with Garland Gravely
Interviewer: Madison Pinckes, Erik Weed
Interviewee: Garland Gravely
Date: 19 February 2017
Location: Home of Garland Gravely
Total Duration: 50:15
Transcription prepared by: Dacotah McGaffic, J.T.…

Caldwell, Linny.MP3
Oral History Interview with Linny Caldwell
Interviewer: Megan O'Neill, Brian Fersini
Interviewee: Linny Caldwell
Date: 23 February 2017
Location: Fintel Library, Roanoke College
Total Duration: 66:47
Transcription prepared by: Bridget Reardon,…

Bennett, Michelle (compressed).mp3
Oral History Interview with Michelle Bennett
Interviewer: Sarah Sinoski, Brandon Croci
Interviewee: Michelle Bennett
Date: 27 February 2017
Location: Fintel Library, Roanoke College
Total Duration: 1:21:14
Transcription prepared by: unknown

Joyner, Erika.MP3
Interviewers: Rebecca Proctor, Kalyn Fowler
Interviewee: Erika Joyner
Date: 29 September 2016
Duration: 57:17
Transcription prepared by: Kalyn Fowler and Sarah Groft

Seagraves, Sally.MP3
Interviewers: James Stoneking Jackie Landon
Interviewee: Sally Seagraves
Date: 7 October 2016
Duration: 46:08
Transcription prepared by: David Franczak, James Stoneking, and Jackie Landon

Shifflett, Peggy.MP3
Interviewer: Gregory Rosenthal
Interviewee: Peggy Shifflett
Date: 14 October 2016
Duration: 56:15
Transcription prepared by: Julia Greider

Maberry, Barbara.MP3
Interviewer: Zacch Wooten
Interviewee: Barbara Maberry
Date: 5 October 2016
Duration: 58:59
Transcription prepared by: Amelia Woodworth and Joshua Bailey

Boenke, Mary.MP3
Interviewer: Mariana Araujo
Interviewee: Mary Boenke
Date: 6 October 2016
Duration: 1:01:49
Transcription prepared by: Erin McWethy, Chelsea Hutton, and Mariana Araujo

Wyman, Rosemary.MP3
Oral History Interview with Rosemary Wyman
Interviewee: Rosemary Wyman
Interviewer: Rachel Barton
Date: 27 February 2016
Location: Floyd, Virginia
Total Duration: 50:13
Transcription prepared by: Rachel Barton

Whittier, Edna.mp3
Oral History Interview with Edna Whittier
Interviewer:Tessa Pleban
Interviewee: Edna Whittier
Date: 2 March 2016
Location: Floyd Public Library, Floyd,VA
Total Duration: 1:37:59
Transcription prepared by: Mahmoud El-­‐Hazzouri and Jessica…

Oral History Interview with Trish Valentine
Interviewer: Kerri Dalton (and Teddy Melnik)
Interviewee: Trish Valentine
Date: 25 February 2016
Location: Roanoke College, Fintel Library, 220 High Street, Salem, VA
Total Duration:…

Thornhill, Peter.MP3
Oral History Interview with Peter Thornhill
Interviewer: Gregory Rosenthal
Interviewee: Peter Thornhill
Date: 22 February 2016
Location: Peter Thornhill’s home in Roanoke, Virginia
Total Duration: 56:57
Transcription prepared by: Martha Sadler…

Saunders, Rodger-1.MP3
Oral History Interview with Rodger Saunders
Interviewer: Holly Thompson
Interviewee: Rodger Saunders
Date: 25 February 2016
Location: Roanoke Diversity Center
Total Duration : 59:02
Transcription prepared by: Laura Groves and Craig Walker

O'Donnell, Kim (compressed).mp3
Interviewers: Caitlyn Allen and Madison Kunstman
Interviewee: Kim O’Donnell
Date: 25 February 2016
Total Duration: 77:42
Transcription prepared by: Will Lucas

Lindsey, Virginia (compressed).mp3
Oral History Interview with Virginia Lindsey
Interviewer: Alexis Rixner
Interviewee: Virginia Lindsey
Date: 25 February 2016
Location: Roanoke College Fintel Library, 221 College Lane, Salem, VA
Total Duration : 80:04
Transcription prepared…

Davidson, Ron (compressed).mp3
Oral History Interview with Ron Davidson
Interviewer: Sydney Brennert
Interviewee: Ronald “Ron” Davidson
Date: February 28, 2016
Location: Mill Mountain Coffeehouse, 117 Campbell Avenue SE, Roanoke, VA
Total Duration: 52:04

Oral History Interview with Daddy Sam
Interviewer: Marlee Wertz
Interviewee: Daddy Sam
Date: 24 February 2016
Location: Interviewee’s private residence, Roanoke, VA
Total Duration: 60:07
Transcription prepared by: Micheala McDonald, Rachel…

Conley, Whitney.MP3
Oral History Interview with Whitney B. Conley
Interviewer: Julie Frymier
Interviewee: Whitney B. Conley
Date: 26 February 2016
Location: Roanoke College, Miller Hall, Room 219, 221
College Lane, Salem, VA
Total Duration: 55:46

Bly, Larry.MP3
Oral History Interview with Larry Bly
Interviewer: Meghan Kennedy (and Caroline Allison)
Interviewee: Larry Bly
Date: 1 March 2016
Location: System 4 Advertising, 322 Bullitt Avenue SE, Roanoke, VA
Total Duration: 34:52
Transcription prepared…

Best, Jim.mp3
Oral History Interview with James Best
Interviewers: Caitlyn Allen (Madison Kunstman also
Interviewee:James Ernest Best
Date: February 21, 2016
Location: Roanoke College, Miller Hall, 221 College Lane Salem, VA
Total Duration:…

Jennings, Gerry (compressed).MP3
Oral History Interview with Gerry Jennings
Interviewer: Gregory Rosenthal
Interviewee: Gerry Jennings
Date: February 23, 2016
Location: Gerry Jennings’s home, Roanoke, Virginia
Total Duration: 1:15:59
Transcription prepared by Erin Hannon

Daniel Jones - Part I.MP3
Oral history interview with Dan Jones
Interviewer: Gregory Rosenthal
Interviewee: Daniel Jones
Date: 20 February 2016
Location: Roanoke College History Department, 223 E. Main Street, Salem
Total Duration: 95:28
Transcription prepared by:…

This is a guide to the the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) History Project began in 2015 as collaboration between Roanoke College, Roanoke Diversity Center and Roanoke Public Libraries in an effort to collect and preserve…
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