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MP 19.0 Cannaday House.jpg
Cannaday House, also known as Waverly Plantation was purchased by Woodrum Airport in 1934. The house was used as a weather station and terminal for the remainder of the 1928s. It was razed in 1955 to make room for growth of the airport.

IRB23 Municipal Airport.jpg
A two story and basement and part one story and basement brick building, metal roof, wood floors except basement which is earth, plastered interior finish, electric lights and steam heat; fair condition. Occupancy: Office and apartments. Valuation:…

A Civil Aviation Authority control tower on top of the Cannaday farmhouse at Woodrum Field.

A close-up view of the Civil Aviation Authority control tower on top of the Cannaday farmhouse.

The first "control tower" at Woodrum Field, an 8-foot square shed built on top of the Cannaday home, could be accessed by going onto the roof.

The Cannaday home with the control tower on top.

Woodrum Field with the Cannaday home and control tower.
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