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The Virginia Room Digital Collection includes photographs, oral histories, books, pamphlets and finding aids to items in the Virginia Room. Continue to check back for new additions.

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CS 056.1.jpg
Sorority group portrait. From left to right: Gloria Wingfield, Carolyn Kroger Patterson, Christine Logan Powell, Carolyn Murphy, Carolyn Law, Jean Whitten, Joyce Preston, Marilyn Spencer, Clara Boyo, Gloria Waddell, unknown, Juaniva Crowder, Clara…

CS 090.4.jpg
Group portrait. Front row (left to right): Connie Johnson Hamlar, unidentified, unidentified, Gwendolyn Lawrence (Connie and Gwendolyn are sisters). Back row (left to right) : unidentified, Doris Elam, Nina Bolden, Baylice Cooper
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