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Mill wheel at Poage's Mill

Former Elijah Poage store/warehouse on Old Mill Road in Poages Mill.

James and Sarah Henry and three daughters in Poages Mill area.

Packing label for L.D. Bell and T.M. Bell at Poages Mill.

James C. Fralin being baptized in Back Creek at Poages Mill in 1925 by Chris Eller, Brethren minister.

Sally Lewis, resident of Poages Mill area.

Poages Mill baseball team, #1, R.C. Wertz, #2 O.L. Grisso, #3 John Wertz, #4 Bill Grisso, #5 Ott Wertz, #6 Walt Henry, #7 E.B. Martin, #8 John Bowles, #9 R.C. Henry

Davis 41.21 Poage's Mill.jpg
Poage's Mill was owned by Elijah Poage, a prominent Roanoke County mechanic, cabinet and coffin maker. This antebellum mill was constructed by Poage as a cornmeal and flour mill. It was later used as a circular sawmill, being one of the first in…

FE080 Poages Mill.jpg
Close-up view of Poage's Mill waterwheel on Back Creek.
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