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The Virginia Room Digital Collection includes photographs, oral histories, books, pamphlets and finding aids to items in the Virginia Room. Continue to check back for new additions.

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Davis 16.28 Hotel Roanoke.jpg
Hotel Roanoke looking North.

Davis 16.2791 Writing Room.jpg
The Writing Room in Hotel Roanoke. This space is now an extension of the Pine Room Pub.

Davis 16.2690 Hotel Roanoke.jpg
West entrance of the Hotel Roanoke

Davis 16.269 Hotel Roanoke.jpg
West entrance of the Hotel Roanoke

Davis 16.267 Hotel Roanoke.jpg
Main entrance of Hotel Roanoke

Davis 16.266 Hotel Roanoke.jpg
Exterior of garage at Hotel Roanoke.

Davis 16.263 Hotel Roanoke.jpg
Entrance of the Hotel Roanoke

Davis 16.26 Hotel Roanoke.jpg
Night scene of the Hotel Roanoke.

Davis 16.24 Hotel Roanoke Construction.jpg
The Hotel Roanoke during the construction of an addition by the Virginia Bridge Company.

Davis 16.22 Hotel Roanoke Construction.jpg
The Hotel Roanoke under construction. Construction by the Virginia Bridge Co.

Davis 16.2102 Hotel Roanoke Construction.jpg
Hotel Roanoke shown during contruction of addition.

Davis 16.21 Hotel Roanoke.jpg
The Hotel Roanoke has gone through mulitple renovations, due to fire and to increase its size. This undated photo depicts the hotel in one of its many "phases". Despite the renovations, the hotel has maintained its distinctive style.

Davis 16.2091 Hotel Roanoke.jpg
An aerial view of the Hotel Roanoke. Roanoke Auditorium visible in upper right corner.

Davis 16.2022 Hotel Roanoke.jpg
Bird's eye view of Hotel Roanoke. Spires of St. Andrew's Cathedral can be seen in upper left corner.

Davis 16.2021 Hotel Roanoke.jpg
An early view of the Hotel Roanoke

Davis 16.202 Hotel Roanoke.jpg
Hotel Roanoke was built in 1882 by Norfolk and Western Railway.
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