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The Virginia Room Digital Collection includes photographs, oral histories, books, pamphlets and finding aids to items in the Virginia Room. Continue to check back for new additions.

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CS 177.jpg
Unknown group portrait outside a Piedmont Airlines plane

Davis GL 89 Comprehensive Plan.jpg
Map included in John Nolen's Comprehensive Plan for the City of Roanoke.

Davis GL 77 Traffic Congestion Flyer.jpg
Traffic Congestion Flyer circa 1928.

Davis GL 76 Existing Conditions of Roanoke.jpg
Existing Conditions Map of City of Roanoke used in Nolen plan

Davis GL 75 Map of Roanoke.jpg
Map of City of Roanoke and Environs used in the Nolen plan.

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Davis 68.22 Mill Mountain Star.jpg
Mill Mountain Star was constructed in 1949 by the Roanoke Merchants Association to kick off the 1949 holiday shopping season. Though at first the star was not meant to be lit all year, it became popular enough with citizens that it was decided to…

Davis 6.21 Roanoke 1882-1902.jpg

Davis 2.161 2nd Street Store Fronts.jpg
2nd St. about 1916. Davis is leaning against the lamp post.

Davis 16.77 Roanoker Motor Lodge.jpg
The exterior of the Roanoker Motor Lodge located at 7645 Williamson Road.

Davis 16.76 Shangri La Motel.jpg
View of the Shangri La Motel and Sign, once located at 5125 Williamson Road.

Davis 16.7411 Holiday Inn.jpg
The sign for the Holiday Inn of America in Roanoke, formerly located at 7120 Williamson Road.

Davis 16.277 Regency Room.jpg
The Regency Room, Hotel Roanoke's main dining room.

Davis 1.414 Crystal Spring gazebo & house.jpg
Crystal Spring showing gazebo and house on hill above. Davis print from earlier glass negative.
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