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The Virginia Room Digital Collection includes photographs, oral histories, books, pamphlets and finding aids to items in the Virginia Room. Continue to check back for new additions.

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PC 115.2 Roanoke Memorial.jpg
"Memorial Hospital and Crippled Children's Hospital, Roanoke, Virginia."

PC 115.21 Roanoke Memorial.jpg
"Memorial and Crippled Children's Hospital by moonlight, Roanoke, Virginia."

PC 115.5 Roanoke Memorial.jpg
"The new Roanoke Memorial Hospital is the most modern in Western Virginia. The cost was around three million dollars. This hospital provides 300 beds with modern operating rooms, laboratory and other hospital facilities."

PC 115.1 Roanoke Memorial.jpg
"Roanoke City Hospital, Roanoke, Virginia."

Davis GL 36 Roanoke Hospital.jpg
Roanoke Hospital at the foot of Mill Mountain. The Mill Mountain incline can be seen to the right.

FE146 Roanoke Hospital.jpg
Roanoke Hospital was built in 1893 with the aid of Norfolk & Western and the Roanoke Gas and Water Company. Carilion Roanoke Memorial now occupies the site of the old hospital.

PC 115.6 Roanoke Memorial.jpg
"Roanoke Memorial Hospital, Belleview and Lake Avenues, SE, Roanoke, Virginia. Located at the base of Mill Mountain, this ultra-modern hospital has over 325 beds and serves Roanoke and Southwestern Virginia. It is also widely known for its…

PC 115.1.1 Roanoke Memorial.jpg
"Roanoke City Hospital, Roanoke, Virginia."

PC 119.83 Mill Mountain Incline.jpg
"Mill Mountain incline and Roanoke City Hospital, Roanoke, Virginia."

Underwood 18 Mill Mountain.jpg
Aerial view of Mill Mountain, including the Mill Mountain Incline and Roanoke Hospital.

UC 65 Flood Aerial.jpg
Aerial view showing flood damage brought on by Hurricane Camille.

MP 4.5 Roanoke Memorial.jpg
Rear view of Roanoke Memorial Hospital
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