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The Virginia Room Digital Collection includes photographs, oral histories, books, pamphlets and finding aids to items in the Virginia Room. Continue to check back for new additions.

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The shoe department at Glenn-Minnich.

Street-level entrance of Glenn-Minnich, formerly located at 108 W. Campbell Avenue.

Interior of Glenn-Minnich after a recent remodel.

Interior of Glenn-Minnich after a recent remodel.

The College Shop in Glenn-Minnich shown after a recent remodel.

Interior of Glenn-Minnich after a recent remodel.

The Boy Scout Department after a recent remodel at Glenn-Minnich, formerly located 108 W. Campbell Avenue.

Davis 44.341a Fisher Supply.jpg
The interior of Fisher's Supply Company, formerly located at 411 1st Street.

Davis 16.4375 Dining Room.jpg
Waitstaff posese next to table prepared for a banquet in the Patrick Henry.

Davis 16.43 PH Ballroom.jpg
Patrick Henry Hotel ballroom prepared for a banquet.

Davis 16.2791 Writing Room.jpg
The Writing Room in Hotel Roanoke. This space is now an extension of the Pine Room Pub.

Davis 16.279 Hotel Lobby.jpg
The lobby of Hotel Roanoke

Davis 16.278 Private Dining Room.jpg
A private dining room in Hotel Roanoke.

Davis 16.277 Regency Room.jpg
The Regency Room, Hotel Roanoke's main dining room.

Davis 16.276 Guest Room.jpg
A typical guest room in Hotel Roanoke.

Davis 16.275 Ballroom.jpg
The ballroom at Hotel Roanoke

Davis 16.274 Private Parlor.jpg
A view of one of the private parlors in Hotel Roanoke.

Davis 16.273 English Lounge.jpg
English Lounge in Hotel Roanoke. This space is now called the Pine Room.

Davis 16.272 Cigar Counter.jpg
Cigar Counter in Hotel Roanoke

Davis 15.621 Melrose Branch Library.jpg
Interior view of Melrose Branch Library after it was relocated from 15th Street and Melrose to the basement of Melrose School at 1100 Melrose Avenue.

Davis 15.611 Gainsboro branch library.jpg
Interior of the Gainsboro Branch Roanoke Public Library.

Davis 15.61 Gainsboro Library Interior.jpg
Roanoke Public Library's Gainsboro Branch found its beginnings in the Odd Fellows Hall, formerly located at the corner of Patton Avenue and Gainsboro Road. It would relocate to the current building in 1942.

Davis 15.222 Reading & Reference Room.jpg
Interior view of Main Library reading and reference rooms when it was located in the Terry House.

Davis 15.22 Main Library Interior.jpg
Interior view of the first library. The desk in this photo is currently used in the Virginia Room.
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