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Davis 61.01 N&W Passenger Station.jpg
The Norfolk & Western Passenger Station was built in 1907. It is now home to the O. Winston Link Museum and History Museum of Western Virginia.

Davis GL 40 Railway Station.jpg
View from Williamson Road of Virginia Railway Station. Jefferson Street bridge in background.

The carpenter crew has almost completed work on the station at Vicker, Virginia in this photo. Carpenters built everything from depots to boxcars and cabooses, to the finished interiors of passenger coaches.

This photograph captures the station and crew at Welch, West Virginia. It is believed that the building in the background is the courthouse. Notice the freight car to the left.

The station at Schooler, Virginia was operated by W.H. Cord (left). The small station operated from March 1883, when coal first began to move from Pocahontas to Norfolk, until 1900 when the station was bypassed by new track. The young man in the…

The station at Christiansburg, Virginia awaits freight and passengers. Note the mail and express carts to the right.

The N&W, like all major railroads, served its country well during World War II for the movement of troops and military freight. In fact, passenger service reached its zenith during wartime. While the exact location of this scene is unknown, it…

The N&W passenger station at Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The N&W station at Bluefield, West Virginia.

The depot in Ivor, Virginia.

Engine No. 382 runs the steepest grade of all - a sustained three percent grade to the summit at White Top Station. This run, affectionately known as the "Virginia Creeper", ran between Abingdon, Virginia and West Jefferson, North Carolina. Here,…

The depot at Grundy, Virginia was reminiscent of many rural depots that lined the tracks of the N&W.

A postcard image of the N&W depot at Salem, Virginia. The depot still remains, although the shed at the tracks was dismantled many years ago. During the 1930s, depots like this dotted the lines of the N&W. Few remain today, either abandoned or in…

Welch, West Virginia. The old N&W station is in the foreground; the courthouse is atop the hill and businesses are at left.

PC 122.1 N&W Depot.jpg
"Depot, Norfolk & Western Offices and Hotel Roanoke, Roanoke, Virginia."

PC 122.22 Norfolk & Western Depot.jpg
"Norfolk & Western Railroad Depot, Roanoke, Virginia."

PC 122.3 Norfolk & Western Station.jpg
"Norfolk & Western Station, Roanoke, Virginia."

PC 122.4 N&W Depot.jpg
"Norfolk & Western Station from Auditorium, Roanoke, Virginia."

PC 122.5 N&W Passenger Station.jpg
"Roanoke, Virginia - The Star City of the South. This city is headquarters of America's most prosperous railroad, the Norfolk & Western, and located here are its shops and offices. Today, Roanoke is a beautiful city - replete with fine schools and…

PC 122.51 N&W Passenger Station.jpg
"Norfolk & Western Train Station, Roanoke, Virginia."

Norfolk & Western passenger station.

The passenger station hosted a prominent visitor on October 19, 1934, when President Franklin Roosevelt came to dedicate the new Veterans’ Hospital. After the ceremony, the President came to Salem where he was escorted by Salem’s mayor and a cadre…

The N&W Railway donated and created a park near the passenger station in 1933 at College Avenue and 8th Street. The park was one of several that were developed in Salem during that time period.

Passenger service at the Salem depot ended on April 30, 1965. On that day, YWCA kindergartners boarded the Powhatan Arrow for a trip to Christiansburg. That same year, the N&W donated the station to the town of Salem.

For many years, Salem had also benefited from passenger service provided by the Virginian Railroad. Virginian passenger service in Salem ended in 1954, five years prior to its merger with the N&W.
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