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Roanoke Valley in the 1940s Photograph Collection

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Roanoke Valley in the 1940s Photograph Collection


The photographs in this collection are a result of Roanoke Valley in the 1940s by Nelson Harris published in 2020. With years of research and thousands of newspapers and other resources scoured, this book contains invaluable information about life and happenings in the Roanoke Valley during this decade. Many of the photographs were provided by individuals and organizations. Not all of the photographs contained here are included in the book. Likewise, not all of the photographs are from the 1940s.


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The Roanoke Valley in the 1940s

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RVNH4001 Junior Grocery
A fireworks explosion leveled the Junior Grocery located at 205 Franklin Road SW. Five people were injured in the explosion.

RVNH4002 Junior Grocery
A large crowd gathers to view the damage after a fireworks explosion at the Junior Grocery on Franklin Road.

RVNH4003 JP Sandlot Football Team
The Jackson Park Sandlot Football Team. Coach Sam Elliott on far right in back row.

RVNH4004 Young Men
A group of young men at home located at 926 (later 1100 block) 14th Street SE. Roy Minnix is in the back row, second from right.

RVNH4005 Kiddie Pool
As indicated by the caption, "a Southeast kiddie pool in the back yard with chickens" The child is Roy Minnix.

RVNH4006 Southeast
A section of the Southeast neighborhood. Jamison School visible in the background.

RVNH4007 Dale Avenue
Houses along Dale Avenue SE.

RVNH4008 Wanderers of the Wasteland
Wanderers of the Wasteland musical group. Left to right: Roy Lemmon, Bob Pauley, Glenwood Howell, and Woody "Lucky" Mashburn.

RVNH4009 Forbes-Hodges Reunion
Forbes-Hodges family reunion in Wirtz, Virginia.

RVNH4020 American Viscose
An unidentified woman works with strands of silk at American Viscose.

RVNH4021 American Viscose
An unidentified man in the reeling room at American Viscose.

RVNH4022 American Viscose
An unidentified woman in the reeling room at American Viscose.

RVNH4023 Hillcrest House
Hillcrest Hall was one of the dormitories for American Viscose employees.

RVNH4024 Yellow Cab
Yellow Cab began offering limousine service on 20 July 1947, under contract with American and Eastern Airlines. Seen next to this Desoto limousine at Woodrum Field at Mae Williams (left) and Margaret Franklin (right).

RVNH4026 Mason-Dixon Airlines
A Mason-Dixon Airlines passenger plane at Woodrum Field.

RVNH4027 CAA Tower
A Civil Aviation Authority control tower on top of the Cannaday farmhouse at Woodrum Field.

RVNH4028 CAA Tower
A close-up view of the Civil Aviation Authority control tower on top of the Cannaday farmhouse.

RVNH4029 Woodrum Field
Looking toward Tinker Mountain from Woodrum Field.

RVNH4031 Sikorsky
A Sikorsky helicopter hovers as spectators look on at Woodrum Field.

RVNH4032 Crash Truck
Woodrum Field's first crash truck was a 1939 Cadillac that was modified at the city's garage..

RVNH4033 C-47
A Douglas C-47 takes off from Woodrum Field.

RVNH4034 Woodrum Field
Runway construction at Woodrum Field. The airfield was expanded when it became classified as a national defense project.

RVNH4035 Woodrum Field
Aerial view of Woodrum Field taken during its dedication weekend. The photographer was Lambert Martin of the Roanoke World-News.

RVNH4036 Woodrum Field
Aerial view of Woodrum Field showing A-configuration of runways.

RVNH4041 Woodrum Field
Woodrum Field terminal building.

RVNH4042 Frantz Flying Service
Frantz Flying Service opened in 1948 at Woodrum Field. It was owned by T.E. "Boots" Frantz (right); Wes Hillman (left) was an employee.

RVNH4043 Navy Pilot Cadets
A class of Navy pilot cadets pose in front of a Douglas C-47 at Woodrum Field. Ground school was conducted at Roanoke College.

RVNH4046 Johnny Non-Voter
The "funeral procession" for "Johnny Non-Voter" on Jefferson Street in route to the municipal building. The funeral was a promotion by the Roanoke Junior Chamber of Commerce as a means to get Roanokers to vote in the Democratic primaries for…

RVNH4047 Eddie Rickenbacker
Famous aviator, Captain Eddie Rickenbacker (left foreground), who was president of Eastern Airlines, came to Roanoke for Eastern's inaugural flight to Woodrum Field. He was greeted by business leaders and others.

RVNH4048 Vinton Fire Department
Members of the Vinton Fire Department.

RVNH40113 Rev. William Simmons
Reverend William J. Simmons at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church.

RVNH40115 Smartwear Irving-Saks
Photo postcard of Smartwear-Irving Saks to promote opening of remodeled store.

RVNH40116 Jefferson Street
View of a flooded S. Jefferson Street. The Roanoke River crested at 21.6 feet in 1940. Roanoke City Mills is visible on left.

RVNH40117 Community Drug Store
The Community Drug Store, formerly located on the corner of Henry Street and Centre Avenue NW.

RVNH40118 Community Drug Store
Interior view of Community Drug Store on Henry Street. Dr. Beverly Adams was the pharmacist.

RVNH40119 Dr. Harry Penn
Dr. Harry T. Penn, dentist, in his office on Henry Street.

RVNH40120 The Aristocrats
The Aristocrats were a popular local dance band. Seen here in the Morocco Club on Henry Street, they are, left to right: Ed Wright, Audrey Pitman, Shelton Ramey, Bill Harper, Raphael Jackson, James Morris, St. Paul Thomas, John J. Locklayer. …

RVNH40121 Jennings-Shepherd
Interior of Jennings-Shepherd, formerly located at 411 1st Street, SW.

RVNH40122 Homer Turner
Motorman Homer Turner poses with Car 45 under the Walnut Avenue Bridge. Car 45 served the Belmont/9th Street/West End line.

RVNH40123 Car 42
A streetcar coming from American Viscose turns left onto Jamison Avenue from 9th Street, SE, en route to West End.

RVNH40125 Car 52
Car 52 on Grandin Road near Westover Avenue, SW.

RVNH40148 David McClung
A Jeep, driven by David McClung, II is nearly driven in to Andrew Lewis High School.

RVNH40149 Mary Brand
Mary H. Brand and an unidentified student on the lawn of Andrew Lewis High School.

RVNH40150 College and Fourth
Intersection of College Avenue and Fourth Street in front of Andrew Lewis High School.

RVNH40151 ALHS Students
Boys on lawn at Andrew Lewis High School. Left to right: ? Young, Hunter Miller, David Minichan, Brewster Robertson, unidentified, George St. John.

RVNH40152 Sea Scouts
Sea Scout Ship 50 annual banquet attendees at Longwood Community Center.

RVNH40153 Ralph Baker & Joe Hunter
Ralph Koiner Baker (left) and Joe Hunter in France.

RVNH40186 Tucker 48
Tucker 48 Car #15 in A.L. Nelson Company showroom on Shenandoah Avenue.

RVNH40187 Tucker 48
Councilman Richard Edwards removes cover from a Tucker 48 car at A.L. Nelson Company. Far right to left: Bob Nelson, Dorothy Nelson, and Richard Nelson.

RVNH40188 Tucker 48
Tucker 48 Car #15 in A.L. Nelson Company showroom on Shenandoah Avenue.

RVNH40189 A.L. Nelson Truck Company
Pyrofax gas truck in front on A.L. Nelson Truck Company on Shenandoah Avenue.

RVNH40190 A.L. Nelson Truck Company
A.L. Nelson Truck Company on Shenandoah Avenue.

RVNH40193 A.L. Nelson Company
Employees of A.L. Nelson Company stand in front of a Tucker 48. Third from right: Mary Nelson (moving left) Richard Nelson, Dorothy Nelson, Mary Alice Nelson, and Bob Nelson. All others unidentified.

RVNH40194 A.L. Nelson Company
A.L. Nelson Company with Tucker car showroom on Shenandoah Avenue. Mr. Nelson spent $40,000 to house one Tucker 48 model based on Tucker Company guidelines.

RVNH40195 Tucker 48
A Tucker 48 car is displayed in Downtown Roanoke in front of Smartwear-Irving Saks.

RVNH40196 United Cooperage Truck
A truck customized by A.L. Nelson Truck Company for United Cooperage of Virginia.

RVNH40197 Jack Dempsey
Jack Dempsey refereeing a wrestling match at Roanoke Auditorium.

RVNH40198 Roanoke Parade
A balloon float in the Roanoke Christmas parade.

RVNH40200 Garst Brothers Dairy
Garst Brothers Dairy, formerly located at 14 W. Salem Avenue.

RVNH40201 Plaza Tourist Court
Plaza Tourist Court, formerly located at 3011 Williamson Road.

RVNH40203 Plaza Restaurant
The Plaza Restaurant, formerly located at 3011 Williamson Road.

RVNH40204 Lucy Addison High
Lucy Addison High School opened in 1928. Located at 40 Douglass Avenue NW, the building now houses Roanoke City Public Schools Administrative Offices.

RVNH40206 Friendly Guest House
Postcard of Friendly Guest House, formerly located at 2606 Williamson Road. It was owned and operated by Blanche Myers and Addie Taylor.

RVNH40207 Archie's Lobster House
Archie’s Lobster House, formerly located at Williamson Road and Peters Creek Road, was Roanoke’s first seafood restaurant when it opened in 1947. Until 1978, it was operated by Archie Parrish. It was razed in 1981.

RVNH40208 Blue Jay Motel
Postcard of the Blue Jay Restaurant and Motel, formerly located on Route 11, 6 miles west of Salem.

RVNH40210 Silver Gable
A postcard for Silver Gable Tourist Court, formerly located on Route 11.

RVNH40211 Big Lick
Big Lick in 1881. Location unknown.

RVNH40212 American Viscose
Aerial view of American Viscose.

RVNH40213 Moonlight Tourist Camp
Postcard for Moonlight Tourist Camp, formerly located 2 miles south of Roanoke on Route 220.

RVNH40214 Campbell Avenue
Looking east on Campbell Avenue from intersection with Jefferson Street.

RVNH40216 Hollins Inn
Hollins Inn Restaurant and Tourist Court, formerly located 5 miles north of Roanoke on Route 11.

RVNH40218 MJ Patsel Druggists
M.J. Patsel Druggists, formerly located at 202 2nd Street SW.

RVNH40218 Tom's Service Station
Tom's Service Station, formerly located on the corner of Henry Street and Wells Avenue.

RVNH40220 Little River Baptist
Little River Baptist Church, located on Route 221 in Floyd County.

RVNH40222 Coffee Pot
Customers at the Coffee Pot on Brambleton Avenue. Bob Nelson (front left) and Dick Nelson (back left) are pictured. All others unidentified.

RVNH40223 Appalachian Power
Mary Alice Nelson demonstrating the new after-hours deposit box at the Appalachian Power Company building front entrance.

RVNH40227 Virginia Heights Baptist
First chapel and parsonage for Virginia Heights Baptist Church on Memorial Avenue.

RVNH40228 Virginia Heights Baptist
First chapel of Virginia Heights Baptist Church (left), construction on second church (middle), and parsonage (right).

RVNH40240 Ewald-Clark
Grand opening of Ewald-Clark in Downtown Roanoke, formerly located at 17 Church Avenue.

WSLS TV filming a show inside Ewald-Clark store.

RVNH40247 Irv Sharp
"Cousin" Irv Sharp in the studio of WDBJ Radio.

RVNH40248 Orange Blossom Boys
Tommy Magness and the Orange Blossom Boys was a popular Roanoke radio and dance band. Left to right: Slim Idaho, Warren Poindexter, Tommy Magness, Dexter Mills, Clayton Hall, and Saford Hall.

RVNH40249 Jefferson Street
Looking north on S. Jefferson Street. Patrick Henry Hotel visible at left; Elmwood Diner visible at right.

RVNH40250 Virginian Railway
Virginian Railway Engine No. 127 in Roanoke.

RVNH40251 High Street Baptist
Postcard depicting High Street Baptist Church.

RVNH40253 Scrap Drive
Children collection scrap metal in their neighborhood in order to assist with the war efforts for World War II.

RVNH40257 Tinnell's
Tinnell's Grocery, formerly located on Crystal Spring Avenue in South Roanoke.

RVNH40258 Virginia Heights Lutheran
Virginia Heights Lutheran Church, formerly located at what is now 1320 Grandin Road.

RVNH40259 Virginia Heights Lutheran
Members inside Virginia Heights Lutheran Church, formerly located at what is now 1320 Grandin Road.

RVNH40260 Christ Lutheran
Construction of Christ Lutheran Church at the corner of Grandin Road and Brandon Avenue.

RVNH40262 Christ Lutheran
Construction of Christ Lutheran Church at the corner of Grandin Road and Brandon Avenue.

RVNH40263 Christ Lutheran
Laying of cornerstone for Christ Lutheran Church.

RVNH40264 Christ Lutheran
Corner of Grandin Road and Brandon Avenue which would become the site of Christ Lutheran Church.

RVNH40267 Fort Lewis
Ruins of Fort Lewis mansion after it was destroyed by fire on 25 July 1949.

RVNH40268 Our Lady of Perpetual Help
First chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Salem.

RVNH40269 Dr. Harry Penn
Dr. Harry T. Penn. In addition to practicing dentistry, Dr. Penn was the first African American school board member for the City of Roanoke and a prominent civic and civil rights leader.

RVNH40274 Military Aircraft
Military airplane at Woodrum Field. Left to right: Lawrence Hall, Buddy Wingfield, and Raymond Hall.

RVNH40275 Schley Home
Home of William S. and Daisy Schley, located at 203 Gilmer Avenue NW.

RVNH40276 Blue Ridge Entertainers
The Blue Ridge Entertainers played regularly on local radio and played in the studio the day WROV went on the air. There was another group by the same name and this group was the "second unit". Back row, left to right: Rufus Hall, Hank Angle, Jay…

RVNH40277 Johnny Non-Voter
The "funeral procession" for "Johnny Non-Voter" on Jefferson Street in route to the municipal building. The funeral was a promotion by the Roanoke Junior Chamber of Commerce as a means to get Roanokers to vote in the Democratic primaries for…

RVNH40279 Jesse Owens
Olympian Jesse Owens signs autographs at Carver School in Salem.

RVNH40280 Viaud School
Viaud School was founded by Madame Viaud in 1926. The school was located at 105 Mountain Avenue SW when this photo was taken.

RVNH40281 Young Roanoke Sings
The "Young Roanoke Sings" Chorus was heard weekly on WSLS Radio.

RVNH40282 William Fleming High
William Fleming High School. This building would later become Breckinridge Middle School.

RVNH40283 Snow Queen
Coronation of first annual Snow Queen (Joanne Friend) at Jefferson High School during Christmas Dance.

RVNH40284 Jefferson vs. Byrd
Jefferson High School versus William Byrd High School in football.

RVNH40287 Victory Stadium
Aerial view of Victory Stadium during a Jefferson High School football game.

RVNH40288 Eddie Bennett
Eddie Bennett stands beside his father's (Joseph Bennett) brand new 1949 Mercury. Photo was taken at the family home on 30th Street, NW.

RVNH40290 Roanoke Police Department
Roanoke City Police Department on the steps of the municipal building.

RVNH40291 Roanoke Police Department
Roanoke City Police Department, 3rd Platoon.

RVNH40292 Church Avenue
Looking west on Church Avenue near the Jefferson Street intersection.

RVNH40293 Mill Mountain Star
Close-up of the Mill Mountain Star shortly after completion.

RVNH40294 Gilmer Avenue
Gilmer Avenue NW. Reliable Service Grocers visible at left.

RVNH40295 Rish Equipment
Rish Equipment Company, formerly located at 405 Centre Avenue, NW.

RVNH40296 Salem Avenue
Intersection of 2nd Street and Salem Avenue SW. M.J. Patsel Druggists visible at right.

RVNH40297 Parade
Soldiers march in a parade on Campbell Avenue at 3rd Street SW.

RVNH40299 Washington Park
Washington Park pool.

RVNH40300 Monroe Junior High
Monroe Junior High School, formerly located at 1122 19th Street NW.

RVNH40301 Fleming Avenue
Looking west on Fleming Avenue from the intersection of Winsloe Avenue NE.

RVNH40302 Tazewell Avenue
Looking east on Tazewell Avenue near the intersection with 8th Street SE.

RVNH40303 Hunter Memorial
W.P. Hunter Memorial at Hunter Viaduct. The inscription reads, "Hunter Memorial Bridge in grateful memorial of William Pearce Hunter; May 29, 1884 - March 13, 1956; first city manager, October 1, 1918 - December 31, 1947; member City Council,…

RVNH40304 Esso Station
Unidentified employees of an Esso Station.

RVNH40305 6th Street
Looking north on 6th Street near Marshall Avenue SW.

RVNH40306 Lucy Addison High
The second Lucy Addison High School (now Lucy Addison Middle School) under construction.

RVNH40307 Grandin Road
Looking north on Grandin Road.

RVNH40308 Grandin Road
Looking south on Grandin Road.

RVNH40309 N&W Station
Norfolk & Western passenger station.

RVNH40310 Henry Street Bridge
A snowy birds-eye view of the Henry Street bridge.

RVNH40311 Franklin Road
Intersection of Franklin Road and Marshall Avenue SW.

RVNH40312 Franklin Road
Looking north on Franklin Road from the intersection with Elm Avenue SW.

RVNH40313 Reserve Avenue
Birds-eye view of Reserve Avenue with Victory Stadium on left. Virginian Railway operations at right.

RVNH40314 Lansdowne
Construction of Lansdowne Park.

RVNH40315 Kirk Avenue
Looking east on Kirk Avenue SW.

RVNH40316 Detective Interview
The Detective Division of Roanoke City Police Department gives an interview to WSLS, WDBJ, and WROV radio stations in connection with the Dana Marie Weaver murder investigation.

RVNH40401 N&W Shops
Norfolk & Western East End Shops.

RVNH40402 N&W Band
Norfolk & Western Railway Band.

RVNH40404 Robertson Singers
The Robertson Singers of Roanoke. Seated, left to right: J.H. Robertson, Mrs. J.H. Robertson; standing, left to right: J.W. Harris, Charles Wiley, and V. Guerrant.

RVNH40405 Gun Club
Members of the Roanoke Gun Club on opening day. J.J. Barry was president.

RVNH40406 116th Infantry
Norfolk & Western members of the 23rd Battalion, US Marine Corps Reserve, 116th Infantry.

RVNH40407 N&W Shops
An aerial view looking east on the Norfolk & Western Shops.

RVNH40408 Jeanette MacDonald
Singer and actress Jeanette MacDonald arriving in Roanoke by train.

RVNH40409 Jack Dempsey
Jack Dempsey aboard the Pocahontas after refereeing a wrestling match at the Roanoke Auditorium. Dempsey was boxing heavyweight champ from 1919-1926.

RVNH40410 Bethel & Starkey Choirs
Choirs of Bethel AME Church and Starkey Church.

RVNH40411 N&W Veterans
Norfolk & Western Railway Veterans Association 10th Annual Meeting at the Roanoke Auditorium opens with "Stand By America", led vocally by Mrs. Ruth Thomas.

RVNH40412 Dr. Hu Shih
Chinese Ambassador to the United States, Dr. Hu Shih, shakes hands with Virginia Chamber of Commerce president J.S. Easley as George Dunglinson looks on.

RVNH40414 War Bond Rally
The Norfolk & Western Machine Shop balcony served as a platform for speakers and musicians during a war savings bond rally that observed an 88% participation rate by N&W employees.

RVNH40415 USO Lounge
The USO Lounge at the Norfolk & Western Passenger Station formally opened on 13 May 1942.

RVNH40416 Sok-a-Blok
W.C. Driscoll demonstrates his patented new outdoor bowling game, Sok-A-Blok. The game was manufactured by Whitescarver and Dyal and sold in local hardware stores.

RVNH40417 Noon-Day Chorus
Norfolk & Western Shops Noon-Day Chorus. The group rehearsed and sang each day at lunchtime.

RVNH40418 Henry Morgenthau Jr.
US Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau, Jr. speaks at a speakers platform at the Roanoke Auditorium.

RVNH40419 N&W Male Chorus
Norfolk & Western Male Chorus singing, "I've Been Working on the Railroad", for a system-wide radio broadcast.

RVNH40420 N&W Radio Production
Radio production for Norfolk & Western broadcast heard on WSLS and other radio stations served by N&W. Left to right: J.L. Ramsey, material inspector; Ed Skotch, WSLS production manager; Tom Slater, WSLS announcer; Phillip Briggs, WSLS engineer.

RVNH40421 Engine 605
Class J-1 Engine No. 605 rolls out of the Norfolk & Western Shops. War rationing meant no streamlined cowling or roller bearings on the rods.

RVNH40422 Wheel Rollers
Norfolk & Western Shops wheel rollers put on an exhibition at the Virginia Press Association convention for cameras from MGM, Paramount, Fox Movietone News, and the Roanoke Times. Participants were John Canty, Pleas Casey, Charles Wiley, and Thomas…

RVNH40423 Blue Cross
Norfolk & Western Freight Car Department employees line up to submit their membership applications to Edith Davis of Blue Cross. Note that health insurance premiums were five cents per day.

RVNH40424 E.H. St. Clair
Lt. E.H. St. Clair of Roanoke is shown in the cockpit of his flying fortress, "The Roanoke Magician", in England. He was a veteran of over 30 combat attacks and a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross.

RVNH40425 Roanoke All-Stars
Roanoke All-Stars semi-pro baseball team. Front row, left to right: S. Robinson, M. Williams, R.F. Rice, Babe Easley, G. Hampton, H. Petey, Edward Jones, manager; Back row, left to right: Scrappy Brown, F. Boyd, G. Brown, R.R. McAsee, R. Wood, and…

RVNH40426 Larry Vinson
Marble shooter Larry Vinson with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl O. Vinson.

RVNH40427 Monroe Junior Band
Monroe Junior High School Band.

RVNH40428 N&W Veterans
Colored Division of the Norfolk & Western Veterans Association meeting in front of the Virginia Theatre.

RVNH40429 James Pullen
James Pullen (center, in conductor's cap) assists Norfolk & Western Passenger Station employees with removal of a war veteran's remains from the baggage car of Train No. 23.

RVNH40431 Roanoke Cardinals
Roanoke Black Cardinals semi-pro baseball team. Front row, left to right: Palmer, Rice, Jones (manager), Dawson, Perry, Boyd; Back row, left to right: G. Brown, Craighead, C. Brown, and Williams.

RVNH40432 Julian Wise
Captain Julian S. Wise, with some equipment used by the Roanoke Life Saving and First Aid Crew, gives a presentation to a civic group at the Hotel Roanoke.

RVNH40433 N&W Band
Norfolk & Western Band in new uniforms. Kneeling at left is the director, L. Christensen.

RVNH40437 Dr. Walter Claytor
Dr. Walter Claytor, DDS.

RVNH40453 Control Tower
The first "control tower" at Woodrum Field, an 8-foot square shed built on top of the Cannaday home, could be accessed by going onto the roof.

RVNH40454 Cannaday House
The Cannaday home with the control tower on top.

RVNH40455 Navy Cadets
Class of Navy aviation cadets in front of a C-47 at Woodrum Field.

RVNH40458 Clifton Woodrum
Congressman Clifton Woodrum, Sr. stands in front of his Fairchild 24. Woodrum soloed in 1942

RVNH40459 Woodrum Field
Woodrum Field with the Cannaday home and control tower.

RVNH40500 Mt. Zion AME
The congregation of Mt. Zion AME Church.

RVNH40501 John Payne
Roy Kinsey, Jr., John Payne, and Bob Kinsey on the day the Mill Mountain Star was lit.

RVNH40518 Roy Hall
Roy Hall and his band with Roy Rogers. Left to right: Wayne Watson, Tommy Magness, Roy Hall, Roy Rogers, Woody Mashburn, Bill Brown, and Clayton Hall.

RVNH40519 Lester Kelly
Lester Kelly in Engine 10, a 1940 Dodge fire truck at the Williamson Road Station. The Williamson Road Station was annexed into the city on 1 January 1949

RVNH40520 Fire Station 1
Fireman drafted into military service at Fire Station No. 1.

RVNH40521 Fire Station 1
Firemen at Fire Station No. 1. Left to right: Earl Hawkins, Charles Nolley, James Nichols, William Barker, Edward Barker, Ernest Buford, Daniel Sink, Leonard Black, Maynard Peters, Eslie Knowles, and Earnest Ferguson.

RVNH40526 Starkey Baseball
Starkey Baseball Team. Front row, left to right: Randolf Reed, Joe Starkey, Edgar Musgrove, A.R. Meador, Jr., Edward Burris; Back row, left to right: John Slovensky, Minnix, Earnest Arthur, Junior Haislip, Clifton Meador, and David Mitchell. Bat…

RVNH40527 Charles Harris
Charles Harris at his home on Westover Avenue SW.
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