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Star 39 - Sherrie Smith Guard


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Star 39 - Sherrie Smith Guard


Sherrie Smith Guard







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My Star Story starts way back in the late 1980s- around 1986 when I was 16 yrs old and used to cruise Williamson Rd. Many a night after cruising was spent at the Star for a romantic kiss with a love interest or playing Hide-and-Seek in total darkness at the Wildflower Garden. In my early 20s, a date took me to the star and he actually climbed about halfway up the star before deciding he better make his way down.

But my most significant Star Story was in 2013 when a man who I used to know as a teenager cruising Williamson Rd. (but had never dated - he claims to have had a major crush on me but was too shy to approach me) connected with me over the internet. Our first date was a family date - me and my 2 sons along with him and his son went skating in Jan. of 2013. That night he asked me out for a date "just the 2 of us." After a nice dinner at Ichiban and before seeing "Jack Reacher" at the movie theatre, he took me up to the star. This man was the perfect gentleman and so sweet to me. It was a cold, clear winter night and the view was beautiful and I was cold. He put his arms around me to keep me warm and I eagerly anticipated that "first kiss". Alas, that did not happen until the movie theatre.

He proposed to me on Valentine's Day and I happily was ready to take that chance on true love. I could not find a setting for the wedding that inspired me and was ready to elope. On a trip with my boys and Mom to the zoo, we walked through the Wildflower Garden and I came upon the perfect place to marry my dream man. We were married that September in the Wildflower Garden below the Star and had our reception in the covered shelter. It was the most beautiful and magical day. We had wedding pictures at the Star. And this amazing man, Paul Guard, Jr, became my husband.

Fast forward to today, 9-4-16, 3 years later and here we are on the eve of our 3rd anniversary- up at the Star enjoying Starcropolis as my anniversary surprise to him.



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