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Star Stories

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Star Stories


Star Stories is a collaborative project between the Virginia Room, City of Roanoke, Hollins University, Blue Ridge Literacy and other partners to collect the stories of Roanoke from the people who live in and love the City. We in the Virginia Room see this project as an extension of our previous Neighborhood Oral History Project and a way for us to gather the current history and culture of Roanoke for future generations. All stories in this collection fall under the theme: The Mill Mountain Star.


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Includes accounts of childhood visits, getting engaged at the Star, an anniversary surprise, and more.

Story of her son, Ivy, building a model of Mill Mountain and the Star as a child and Ivy meeting with M. Carl Andrews (well-known local newspaper editor) to discuss the Star.

Discusses girlfriend coming from Florida, visiting the Star and meeting others from her area of Florida. Also discusses childhood memories and memories of the Star changing color.

Mr. Kinsey helped build the Star; the Kinsey Sign Company was lead on the project. The company continued to maintain the Star for many years.

Star6 - David Denham
Story describes grandchildren from out of town visiting the Star.

Star7 - David Bowers
Mayor Bowers describes hikes on Mill Mountain with his family, visiting with travel writers and bloggers at the Star, and his dog Catcher's "one trick." Multiple recordings - the transcript is from the first recording.

Stories describe a plane passing the Star on approach and the passengers applauding, also children visiting the Star on the City's 6th All-America City Award celebration.
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