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The Lutheran Orphanage sold much of its land holdings in the 1960s to Salem for the purpose of erecting what is now the Salem Civic Center. The buildings were sold in 1985 to Roanoke College.

The Lutheran Orphanage arrived in Salem in May of 1896, occupying a brick home on five acres at the corner of present-day Florida Avenue and Boulevard. The orphanage eventually bought the former Hotel Salem on College Avenue (shown here), which it…

PC 139.18i Lutheran Orphanage.jpg
"Lutheran Orphanage, Salem, Virginia"

PC 139.10 Lutheran Children's Home.jpg
"Lutheran Children's Home of the South, Salem, Virginia."

PC 139.9 Lutheran Orphanage.jpg
"Lutheran Orphan Home, Salem Virginia. J.T. Crabtree, Supt."

PC 132.1115 Lutheran Orphanage.jpg
"Administration Building, Lutheran Orphanage of the South, Salem"
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