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The Virginia Room Digital Collection includes photographs, oral histories, books, pamphlets and finding aids to items in the Virginia Room. Continue to check back for new additions.

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LDW17 Loebl Dye Works.jpg
After the explosion of synthetic fabrics in the 1970s, Loebl Dye Works went out of business in 1981. The building was razed in 2001. The buildings at left in this photograph were also once used by the business and still stand today.

LDW16 Package.jpg
This package illustrates just how well known Loebl Dye Works was, not just locally, but globally. This was sent from a dry cleaner in New Zealand for dye work. Among other clients of Loebl were the White House, the Greenbrier, New York designers…

LDW15 Loebl Dye Works.jpg
As seen here, Loebl Dye Works once filled a row of buildings on Salem Avenue.

LDW14 Cleaning Area.jpg
Robert Loebl (left) and two unidentfied men in the next to the cleaning tumblers.

LDW13 Cleaning Area.jpg
Robert Loebl (left) inspects the work of unidentified employees on the Hoffman Pressing Machine.

LDW12 Dyeing Area.jpg
Unidentified Loebl employees in the dyeing area.

LDW11 Cleaning Area.jpg
Unidentified Loebl employees in the cleaning area.

LDW10 Staging Area.jpg
William Staples, Iva Staples and an unknown woman prepare garments for cleaning and alterations at Loebl Dye Works.

LDW9 Loebl Interior.jpg
Josef Loebl (center) and two unidentified men in "storefront" of Loebl Dye Works

LDW8 Customer Counter.jpg
Robert Loebl, Hattie Mae Beck and Iva M. Spangler in the pick-up and drop-off area of Loebl Dye Works.

LDW7 Loebl Fleet.jpg
Loebl Dye Works dry cleaning trucks parked in front of Loebl Dye Works on Salem Avenue.

LDW6 Loebl Fleet.jpg
A fleet of four Loebl Dye Works dry cleaning trucks parked in front of Loebl Dye Works on Salem Avenue.

LDW5 Loebl, Josef.jpg
Hungarian born, Josef Loebl grew up in Austia. He set up his dyeing and cleaning shop on Salem Avenue in the 1920s.

LDW4 Cleaning and Alterations.jpg
In addition to dyeing, Loebl also provided dry cleaning and alteration services. Photo is labeled with the following names, though their order as they appear is unclear: Minnie Duncan, Gertrude Gentry, Mrs. Flippen, Stella Taylor, and Miss Sandberg

LDW3 Dyeing Vats.jpg
Left to right: Roy Hargraves, Josef Loebl and Robert Loebl in a dyeing room of Loebl Dye Works, formerly located on Salem Avenue.

LDW2 Loebl Dye Works.jpg
Left to Right: Josef Loebl, Robert Loebl, Julia Loebl, _____, and Roy Hargraves in front of Loebl Dye Works, formerly on Salem Avenue.

LDW1 Loebl, Josef.jpg
Josef Loebl stands next to a Vorclone drying tumbler in Loebl Dye Works, formerly located at 350 Salem Avenue.
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