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FE019 Lakeside.jpg
Lakeside Amusement Park was built in 1920 on Mason's Creek. The "lake" seen here was the area's first public swimming pool, complete with sand beach. Also visible is the "Thriller" rollercoaster and the bumper car pavilion.

PC 140.11 Lakeside.jpg
"Concrete swimming lake, Lakeside, Roanoke, Virginia. Two million gallons fresh water changing constantly."

PC 140.0 Lakeside.jpg
"Lakeside Amusement Park, Route No. 11, Salem, Virginia. Just one of many rides at the park, Lakeside's famous Sky-lift, taking people on a 9 minute, 1800 ft. panoramic trip high above the park."

Underwood 35 Lakeside.jpg
Aerial view of Lakeside Amusement Park.

Lakeside was opened in 1920 by Robert Lynn, Sr., and featured a public swimming pool, roller coaster and one additional ride. The original 50-acre tract on which Lakeside was built was an orchard owned by John Bower.

In 1936, Lakeside was purchased by H.L. Roberts, and his family owned and operated Lakeside for the next fifty years. When the amusement park opened it was described as “the largest pool anyone had ever seen,” complimented by a beach of imported…

Lakeside survived the Depression by offering low admission prices and cheap entertainment. During World War II, the USO provided servicemen complimentary tickets. There was even a movement in 1958 by nearby residents to constitute themselves as the…

Like most public venues in the South, Lakeside was not integrated until 1964. At about this same time, park owners closed the pool, filled it over, and the park expanded.

This card shows how much the park had developed under the ownership of the Roberts family. This card advertises, “South’s Finest Swimming Pool, Joy Rides for Children and Adults, Beautiful Picnic Grounds.”

Lakeside was for many decades the most popular draw for Valley residents and tourists in the region. Offering rides, amusements, recreation, and concerts, Lakeside was complimented by Dixie Caverns, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and being at the…

Aunt Katherine wrote her nephew in Salisbury, Maryland, using this card, the following: “How would you like to go in bathing here? Uncle Frank and the boys are in now. It is fresh water. They have slides and swings and acting bars and every kind…

Lakeside survived for over six decades, but the competition brought on by other more major theme parks took its toll. By 1983, the park was in financial trouble. Bought by Charles Fox in 1984, the park was struck by the Flood of 1985. The flood…

MP 5.41 Lakeside.jpg
Ferris wheel and Scrambler at Lakeside Park

PC 140.1 Lakeside.jpg
"Concrete swimming lake, Lakeside", Roanoke, Virginia. Two million gallons fresh water changing constantly."
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