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The Virginia Room Digital Collection includes photographs, oral histories, books, pamphlets and finding aids to items in the Virginia Room. Continue to check back for new additions.

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Spectators at Back Creek Elementary School for Back Creek baseball game.

Poages Mill baseball team, #1, R.C. Wertz, #2 O.L. Grisso, #3 John Wertz, #4 Bill Grisso, #5 Ott Wertz, #6 Walt Henry, #7 E.B. Martin, #8 John Bowles, #9 R.C. Henry

CS 127.2.jpg
The Harrison Baseball Team. 1928-1930. Numerical order: 1. Crawford 2. Jim Jones 3. Bob Jefferson 4. Jess Smith 5. “Bubber” McAfee 6. Edward Calloway 7. Bobley Colson 8. Lee Calloway 9. Jack Calloway 10. Banks 11. Matthews 12. “Wildman” Coffer 13.…

FE302 Melrose Baseball.jpg
Melrose Athletic Club baseball team and mascot.

Norfolk & Western baseball team.

Roanoke College baseball team.

Roanoke All-Stars semi-pro baseball team. Front row, left to right: S. Robinson, M. Williams, R.F. Rice, Babe Easley, G. Hampton, H. Petey, Edward Jones, manager; Back row, left to right: Scrappy Brown, F. Boyd, G. Brown, R.R. McAsee, R. Wood, and…

Roanoke Black Cardinals semi-pro baseball team. Front row, left to right: Palmer, Rice, Jones (manager), Dawson, Perry, Boyd; Back row, left to right: G. Brown, Craighead, C. Brown, and Williams.

Starkey Baseball Team. Front row, left to right: Randolf Reed, Joe Starkey, Edgar Musgrove, A.R. Meador, Jr., Edward Burris; Back row, left to right: John Slovensky, Minnix, Earnest Arthur, Junior Haislip, Clifton Meador, and David Mitchell. Bat…
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