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The Virginia Room Digital Collection includes photographs, oral histories, books, pamphlets and finding aids to items in the Virginia Room. Continue to check back for new additions.

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Starkey Baseball Team. Front row, left to right: Randolf Reed, Joe Starkey, Edgar Musgrove, A.R. Meador, Jr., Edward Burris; Back row, left to right: John Slovensky, Minnix, Earnest Arthur, Junior Haislip, Clifton Meador, and David Mitchell. Bat…

Roanoke Black Cardinals semi-pro baseball team. Front row, left to right: Palmer, Rice, Jones (manager), Dawson, Perry, Boyd; Back row, left to right: G. Brown, Craighead, C. Brown, and Williams.

Roanoke All-Stars semi-pro baseball team. Front row, left to right: S. Robinson, M. Williams, R.F. Rice, Babe Easley, G. Hampton, H. Petey, Edward Jones, manager; Back row, left to right: Scrappy Brown, F. Boyd, G. Brown, R.R. McAsee, R. Wood, and…

Aerial view of Victory Stadium during a Jefferson High School football game.

Jefferson High School versus William Byrd High School in football.

The Jackson Park Sandlot Football Team. Coach Sam Elliott on far right in back row.

GB014 Girls' Athletics Group and Spectators.jpg
Girls’ athletics group and spectators.

FE302 Melrose Baseball.jpg
Melrose Athletic Club baseball team and mascot.

FE196 Roanoke Baseball.jpg
Roanoke Baseball Team. Front row, left to right: Dusty Coons, ? Wrigley, ? Lynch; middle row, L to R: unidentfied, unidentfied, Pop Tate (manager), G. McGann, ? Hill; back row, L to R: Ed McGinnis, unidentified, unidentified, and ? Williams.

FE079 RHS Gymnasts.jpg
Roanoke High School gymnasts. Caption reads, "Winners Intermediate Gym Contest, '07-'08".

Working for the railroad was not always about work. Here is the 1895 N&W General Office Building Baseball Team. Team members are from left to right: (front row) ? Coleman, Winfree Reed, Max Howe, and G.F. Butler; (middle row) Harry Moore, Garnet…

William A. Hunton Branch YMCA

William A. Hunton Branch YMCA

African American Baseball Team

Poages Mill baseball team, #1, R.C. Wertz, #2 O.L. Grisso, #3 John Wertz, #4 Bill Grisso, #5 Ott Wertz, #6 Walt Henry, #7 E.B. Martin, #8 John Bowles, #9 R.C. Henry

Spectators at Back Creek Elementary School for Back Creek baseball game.

Ralph Henry of the Back Creek Baseball Team. Uniform says Finnell’s, as Finnell & Sons sponsored the team.

Back Creek School girls basketball team. Pictured are Margaret Henry Hartman and Mildred Henry Dimond. All others unidentified.

GB045 Dr. Elwood D. Downing.jpg
Dr. Ellwood Davis Downing was prominent dentist and civic leader. Downing was born September 9, 1891. He was the son of Rev. Lylburn L. Downing, pastor of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. Downing served as an officer in WWI and WWII and was an…

GB010 LAHS Football Game at Victory Stadium.jpg
Lucy Addison High School football game at Victory Stadium.

GB004 LAHS Girls Basketball Team.jpg
Lucy Addison High School Girls' basketball team.

Davis2 11.6524 JHS Football.jpg
Jefferson High School football team at Victory Stadium.

Davis 57.31 RHS Basketball Team.jpg
Roanoke High School basketball team. 1st row, L to R: Philip Powell, James Yates and Warren Koontz. 2nd row, L to R: Fred Garis, William Atkinson, Courtley Motley, Fay Yost and Arthur Rankin.

Davis 57.21 Roanoke Baseball Team.jpg
Roanoke's first baseball team. Seated, L to R: George Desmond, E. Wiggins and Willie Quarles. Standing, L to R: Harry Keffer, Gene Ford, Steve Wigman, Everett Sproul, Edward C. Webb, Jack Hayes, George Hart and Edward Dolan.

Davis 57.2 Alleghany Institute Baseball Team.jpg
Unidentified members of the Alleghany Institute baseball team.

Davis 57.1 RHS Football Team.jpg
Roanoke High School football team. 1st row, L to R: Claude Kerlin, Wilbur Price, __ Adamson, Herbert Gettle, R. Surface, ___ Richardson and ___ Gleaves. 2nd row, L to R: unknown, unknown, Harry Hock, ___Penn, Athal Price, Forrest McConnell. 3rd row,…

Davis 16.431 Patrick Henry Hotel Display.jpg
Display in the coffee shop window for the VMI/VPI game.
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