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Davis 44.329 Heironimus


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Davis 44.329 Heironimus


Heironimus and Company when located at 34-38 Campbell Avenue. The history of Heironimus downtown follows: Heironimus and Brugh Dry Goods started in 1890 at 110 Commerce Street and later 206 Commerce Street SW (2nd Street). A new building was erected at 37-39 Campbell Avenue on the northeast corner of Campbell Ave and Henry (1st) Street and occupied it in 1898 (this building was later razed and Pughs Department Store built here. The firm and its successor, S. H. Heironimus, remained at this location until 1915. In 1915 S.H. Heironimus moved to the Thurman and Boone Building at 401-403 South Jefferson Street and shared the building with Thurman and Boone Furniture. Heironimus also added an annex to the Coulter Building (601-605 Jefferson Street) from 1930-1935. In 1935 they moved to 34-38 Campbell Avenue, which previously was McBain Dry Goods Company. In 1956, they moved back to 401 S. Jefferson Street to the Thurman & Boone Building. This time they owned the entire building and also purchased the old Woolworth building next door to the south on Jefferson Street and used it as the Menswear Shop. The entire building was refurbished in 1956 and was one of the most modern stores in Roanoke. It closed in 1996. The building seen in this photograph was razed in 1956.


George C. Davis Photography


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Circa 1925


Stephen E. Fox


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