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The Virginia Room Digital Collection includes photographs, oral histories, books, pamphlets and finding aids to items in the Virginia Room. Continue to check back for new additions.

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Hollins Inn Restaurant and Tourist Court, formerly located 5 miles north of Roanoke on Route 11.

A postcard for Silver Gable Tourist Court, formerly located on Route 11.

Postcard of the Blue Jay Restaurant and Motel, formerly located on Route 11, 6 miles west of Salem.

Scottie’s Tavern was three miles north of Roanoke on Route 11 and specialized in country ham, chicken and steak dinners. It even offered curb service. J.S. Scott was the manager.

The Homestead Hotel has a long history. Built by David Wade in 1802, it was formerly known as the Old Globe Tavern with five huge fireplaces and 27-inch thick walls. At the time this card was published, it was the only original stage coach tavern…

The vast majority of tourist homes, motor courts, motels and other tourist-related businesses dried up after the emergence of President Eisenhower’s interstate highway system. Small towns were bypassed, and routes, such as Route 11, were no longer…

Traveltown, located on Route 11 in Cloverdale, advertised “Every cottage heated with Private Bath.” In the mid-1920s, Route 11 became a link in the Washington-to-San Diego Lee Highway, making it a part of the transcontinental highway system.

The Goodwin Motel’s postcard boasted “approved drinking water.” The motel was located west of Salem on Route 11, which served for many years as the modern-day equivalent of the interstate.

The sender of this postcard wrote, “Will spend New Years Eve here, rained all day, having a good time. This motel is very comfortable. See you in San Francisco.” The Fort Lewis Tourist Courts was ½ mile west of Salem on Route 11.

PC 139.16 Camp Fort Lewis.jpg
"Tourist Camp Fort Lewis Courts. Steam heat, tile private baths, innerspring mattresses, closed garages. One of the best in the east, 8 miles west of Roanoke, Virginia. One-half mile west of Salem, Virginia. US Route No. 11. Open all year. Mr. and…

PC 131.0 US 11.jpg
"US Highway No. 11 near Roanoke, Virginia."


PC 116.3 English Village.jpg
"English Village, five miles north of Roanoke, Virginia. Intersection US Route 11 and VA 117. If you are going to be late arriving, wire English Village and we will gladly make reservations for you. Cottages heated and equipped with tile showers,…

PC 116.1 Blue Eagle Tourist Court.jpg
"Jolly Jay Tea Room and Blue Eagle Tourist Court, also One Stop Service Station. Complete modern equipment. Located on US 11, one mile north of Roanoke, Virginia. D.T. Oyler and sons, proprietors."

PC 116.0 Hitching Post Motel.jpg
"Hitching Post Motel, US Highways 11 and 220...2 miles north of Roanoke, Virginia. Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Windel, Owners and Managers."

Davis 27.54 Troutville CoB.jpg
The old Troutville Church of the Brethren, formerly located in the 5100 block of Lee Highway.

Davis 28.01b Old Lutheran Church.jpg
Now the site of Brandon Oaks Lifecare Retirement Home, tradition has it that this structure was the first Lutheran Church in the area. A historical marker is located in the area where the church once stood.

Davis 28.01a Old Lutheran Church sign.jpg
Located on Brandon Avenue near the entrance to Brandon Oaks Lifecare Retirement Home, this historical marker makes note of the first Lutheran congregation in the area.
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