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The Virginia Room Digital Collection includes photographs, oral histories, books, pamphlets and finding aids to items in the Virginia Room. Continue to check back for new additions.

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Davis 19.821 English Gardens.jpg
English Gardens apartment complex at the corner of Memorial Avenue and Fauquier Street SW.

Davis 7.213 Elizabeth Heights.jpg
Elizabeth Heights Apartments from the corner of Idaho Street and Elizabeth Avenue in Salem.

Davis 7.212 Elizabeth Heights.jpg
Elizabeth Heights Apartments, located from the corner of Idaho Street and Illinois Avenue in Salem.

Davis 7.211 Elizabeth Heights.jpg
Apartment complex located in the 2300 block of Denniston Avenue SW.

Davis2 19.5 SR Apartment Village.jpg
South Roanoke Apartment Village, located at 3727 Parliament Road SW.

Davis2 19.6 Colonial Yorktown.jpg
Colonial Yorktown Apartments, located at 2918 Brandon Avenue SW.
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