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A balloon float in the Roanoke Christmas parade.

Women on a Daughters of Liberty float, likely for a Liberty Bonds parade.

Parade participants for Confederate veterans ride a float through Downtown in conjunction with reunion.

Union Local 440 entered this "Safety First" float in a Roanoke parade. It testifies to the cooperation by rail unions and officials to improve worker safety.

Heironimus Christmas parade float encouraging children to "Go on the air with Santa" on WSLS.

Creasy20 Centennial Parade.jpg
Roanoke Transportation Museum float in the Roanoke Centennial Parade.

Creasy18 Centennial Parade.jpg
Replica 1892 Heironimus float in the Roanoke Centennial Parade.

Davis 2.243 Elks Parade Car.jpg
Car decorated for a parade with Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks regalia.

Davis2 43.7 C&P Telephone Float.jpg
Parade float for C&P Telephone Company.

Davis 15.112 Library Float.jpg
Roanoke Public Library float in a parade.

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Davis 102.1 copy.jpg
Float decorated by Heironimus and Brugh Department Store for the Roanoke Decennial Parade.
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