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Horse and buggy in Downtown Roanoke.

Confederate veterans parade through Downtown in conjunction with reunion.

Paul, Edith, and Frangie Davis with Frank the horse at Davis home on Salem Avenue.

FE301 Market Square.jpg
In the days before trucks were ubiquitous, farmers brought their goods to the City Market in buckboards, carts, and Conestoga wagons.

FE034 Horton Livery.jpg
Horton and Roberts Livery Stable stood on Henry Street (now 1st Street SW) just north of the northeast corner of Henry Street and Church Avenue.

FE033 Big Lick Livery.jpg
In 1898, the Big Lick Livery Stable stood on Henry Street (1st Street SW) just north of Roanoke's first federally funded post office (located on the NE corner of Henry (1st) Street and Church Avenue) which can be seen in the background. In 1890 this…

FE028 Fire Ladder.jpg
Firemen pose on a ladder pulled by horses. The building in the background was on the corner of 1st Street and Church Avenue.

FE002 GW Sisler.jpg
G.W. Sisler Funeral Home, formerly located at 23 First (Salem) Avenue.

George M. Burris (right) on a hay wagon, Bent Mountain.

Henry P. McGuire of Cave Spring in J.L. Dishong fruit and vegetable wagon.

John Philip Austin at his home located across Route 221 from Mt. Union Church of the Brethren. Austin was the first person to have heart by-pass surgery at Roanoke Memorial Hospital.

Sarah and Ballard Martin in front of home. Home is presently located on Shingle Ridge Road, off of Cotton Hill Road. Grandson Damon Martin is in buggy.

Dr. Edward Tinsley ready to start rounds on horseback. His house is in background. Tinsley practiced from 1890 to 1940 in the Bent Mountain area.

Charlie Poage, son of William Poage, with team of horses in front of Poage farmhouse on Route 221.

MP 4.43 Salem Avenue.jpg
Looking west at saloons along Salem Avenue. The Silver Moon Quick Lunch, Raleigh Cafe and Brady's were located at approximately 20 Salem Avenue SW.

MP 4.44 Salem Avenue.jpg
Looking west from the 100 block of Salem Avenue SE. A horse takes a drink from the Dog's Mouth Fountain, visible at right.

Davis 65.11 Fire Station #1.jpg
Fire Station #1, located at 13 Church Avenue, was completed in 1907. The building, now on the National Register of Historic Places, was in service as a fire station for 100 years. A horse-drawn hose wagon (left) and ladder truck are seen in front of…

Davis 3.11 Old City Market.jpg
Old City Market. Old assembly hall in background. Circa 1890.

Davis 2.162 Salem Avenue.jpg
Looking east on Salem Avenue from Henry Street (now 1st). This row of storefronts included a bowling alley; liquor store,;L.A. Tolbert Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing; Brady's Bar and Restaurant; a barbershop and a pool hall.

Davis 2.16 Salem Ave.jpg
Salem Avenue at 2nd Street

Davis 2.15 Welcome.jpg
United Council of Travelers Welcome banner for a conference in Roanoke.

Davis 102.1 copy.jpg
Float decorated by Heironimus and Brugh Department Store for the Roanoke Decennial Parade.
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