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TNC 60.6 Burruss Hall.jpg
Burruss Hall on the campus of Virginia Tech.

The infirmary, constructed in 1910, was named for Susanna Cocke. Utilizing Georgian and Federal architecture, the infirmary was actually the first building included in part of new quadrangle on the southeast section of the campus.

The Bradley Chapel was built in 1883 but not named until the 1930s for Joshua Bradley. The chapel served as the center for campus religious activities. During the early years, Hollins students were expected to attend chapel services daily after…

Presser Hall was erected in 1925, a gift of Theodore Presser, music publisher. Presser was a music professor at Hollins from 1880 until 1883. Unfortunately, Presser died before the building was completed. At the time of its dedication, the…

Construction on East Building began in 1856 and was completed two years later. The East Building, complimenting Main and West, completed the quadrangle courtyard. According to early Hollins historians, East was designed to imitate in appearance the…

The Little Theater was created largely through the spirited giving of Hollins students who, in the 1920s, raised $45,000 toward the total cost of $65,000 for the structure. The theater was built in 1924, replacing an old auditorium that was in the…

The West Building was totally rebuilt in 1890. The left wing contained the infirmary, doctor’s office and faculty living quarters, and the right wing contained two large halls for Hollins’ two early literary societies. The portico, completed in…

The 1920s saw the emergence of student leadership in the affairs of the college. In 1920 a student forum was organized for the purpose of providing input on a variety of issues. One reoccurring issue was dress. Could students wear short skirts,…

The Main Building is one of the oldest structures on the campus. The building was erected in between 1861 and 1863. The day the building was started was the same day Virginia seceded from the Union. With the onslaught of the Civil War,…

When this postcard was sent, Hollins students were on a reinvigorated academic schedule that covered six days. Students could no longer attend for two years and get an “Academic Certificate.” They now must complete all four years. These academic…

The sulphur spring on the Hollins campus was discovered in the early 1800s in the bed of Carvins Creek. The message on this card boasted, “Its water has wonderful curative powers, and many prominent men, among them President Andrew Jackson and…

Early in Hollins’ history, social life for the students was very structured and limited. For example, in 1925 students could receive “gentlemen callers” only on weekend nights and Sunday afternoons. Dates off campus required a chaperone and…

The “new” bridge shown here was built in 1908, replacing an older one. The bridge was part of an extensive landscape plan developed for the campus at the time that consisted of gardens, boardwalks, bridges and recreational areas.

The history of Hollins University actually begins in New York with Joshua Bradley, a Baptist minister. Bradley purchased the property of the defunct Roanoke Female Seminary in 1842 for the purpose of forming an education union to “conduct an…

PC 139.18n Elizabeth College.jpg
"Elizabeth College, Salem, Virginia"

PC 139.18h Roanoke College.jpg
"Administration Building, Roanoke College, Salem, Virginia"

PC 139.18f Roanoke College.jpg
"Group of buildings, Roanoke College, Salem, Virginia"

PC 139.116 Roanoke College.jpg
"Library, Roanoke College, Salem, Virginia"

PC 139.1151 Roanoke College.jpg
"Administration Building, Roanoke College, Salem, Virginia near Roanoke"

PC 139.114 Roanoke College.jpg
"The commons and dormitories. Roanoke College, Salem, Virginia near Roanoke."

PC 139.113 Roanoke College.jpg
"Roanoke College, Salem, Virginia - President's Home - This Georgian townhouse, official home of the President of Roanoke College, is one of the most elegant residences in western Virginia. Founded in 1842, Roanoke is a liberal arts college for men…

PC 139.112 Roanoke College.jpg
"Air view, Roanoke College, Salem, Virginia"

PC 139.11 Roanoke College.jpg
"Roanoke College, Salem, Virginia"

PC 139.7 Roanoke Women's College.jpg
"Roanoke Women's College, Salem, Virginia."

PC 132.1117 Roanoke College.jpg
"Administration Building, Roanoke College, Salem"

PC 114.6 Hollins College.jpg
"Hollins College, Virginia. Founded 1842. Tinker."

PC 114.5 Hollins College.jpg
"Campus scene-Hollins College near Roanoke, Virginia. This picture shows Pleasants Hall (science building), was founded in 1842 by Charles Lewis Cocke."

PC 114.4 Hollins College.jpg
"Portion of south quadrangle with dormitories, Hollins College, Virginia."

PC 114.3 Hollins College.jpg
"Library, science hall and theatre, Hollins College, Hollins, Virginia."

PC 114.23 Charles Cocke Memorial Library.jpg
"Charles L. Cocke Memorial Library, Hollins College, Hollins, Virginia. Named in honor of the central figure in the history of Hollins College through the nineteenth century."

PC 114.22 Charles Cocke Memorial Library.jpg
"The Charles L. Cocke Memorial Library, Hollins College, Virginia."

PC 114.21 Charles Cocke Memorial Library.jpg
"Charles L. Cocke Memorial Library, Hollins Institute, Virginia."

PC 114.2  Charles Cocke Memorial Library.jpg
"Hollins College, situated seven miles from the City of Roanoke. Oldest college for women in Virginia founded by Charles Lewis Cocke. Began with Valley Union Seminary of 1842. An accredited liberal arts college with an endowment and board of…

PC 114.12 Hollins College.jpg
"Hollins Institute near Roanoke, Virginia."

PC 114.11 Hollins College.jpg
"Hollins Institute, Roanoke, Virginia."

PC 114.1 Hollins College.jpg
"Hollins Institute near Roanoke, Virginia."

PC 114.02 Hollins College.jpg
"Hollins College, Roanoke, Virginia."

PC 114.01 Hollins College.jpg
"Hollins College, Roanoke, Virginia."

PC 114.0 Hollins College.jpg
"Hollins College, a liberal arts college founded in 1842, is the oldest chartered women's college in Virginia. The college is located near Tinker Mountain, a landmark to generations of Hollins students and the scene each fall of an all-campus hike…
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