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The Virginia Room Digital Collection includes photographs, oral histories, books, pamphlets and finding aids to items in the Virginia Room. Continue to check back for new additions.

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FE304 Observation Tower.jpg
The first observation tower on Mill Mountain was constructed in 1910 and destroyed by a violent wind storm in 1914. It was replaced shortly thereafter by another observation tower, which burned in 1936.

FE066 Observation Tower.jpg
The second observation tower once atop Mill Mountain. The first observation tower was destroyed in a wind storm in 1914. This tower replaced it until 1936, when it was destroyed by fire. George Davis at left.

FE052 Mill Mountain.jpg
A view of Mill Mountain. Roanoke Hospital, the Mill Mountain Incline, and the observation tower are all visible.

RREC18 Roanoke Railway & Electric.jpg
Roanoke Railway & Electric Company Walnut Avenue Steam Plant. In front of the plant is the old streetcar barn

RREC12 Mill Mountain.jpg
A panoramic view showing Mill Mountain looming over the Walnut Avenue Steam Plant of the Roanoke Railway & Electric Company.

RREC4 Downtown Roanoke.jpg
A bird's-eye view of Downtown Roanoke at Jefferson Street looking toward Mill Mountain. The St. James Hotel is visible in the foreground. At right can be seen the Terry Building.

Davis 68.221 Mill Mountain Observation Tower.jpg
The first observation tower on Mill Mountain was built circa 1892 along with Rockledge Inn. The tower was destroyed during a violent wind storm in 1914. Another tower was constructed to replace it shortly thereafter.
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