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The Virginia Room Digital Collection includes photographs, oral histories, books, pamphlets and finding aids to items in the Virginia Room. Continue to check back for new additions.

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Looking east on Campbell Avenue from intersection with Jefferson Street.

Car 52 on Grandin Road near Westover Avenue, SW.

A streetcar coming from American Viscose turns left onto Jamison Avenue from 9th Street, SE, en route to West End.

Motorman Homer Turner poses with Car 45 under the Walnut Avenue Bridge. Car 45 served the Belmont/9th Street/West End line.

FE224 Grandin Road.jpg
Looking south on Grandin Road from the 1700 block.

PC 132.3 Trolley.jpg
"Trolley car crossing stream near Roanoke, Virginia."

RREC20 Number 44.jpg
Another view of Brill car Number 44 after a collision with a Virginian Railway locomotive under the Walnut Avenue Bridge.

RREC19 Number 44.jpg
Brill car Number 44 after a collision with a Virginian Railway locomotive under the Walnut Avenue bridge.

RREC16 Carrie.jpg
Roanoke Railway & Electric steam dummy Number 2, Carrie, with a Roanoke and Salem coach attached is shown, reportedly on its maiden run in 1890.

RREC10 9th Street SE.jpg
Passengers board and disembark streetcars on 9th Street SE near American Viscose.

RREC9 Jefferson Street.jpg
Looking north on Jefferson Street at the Campbell Avenue Intersection. The Didier Grocers building at right, in earlier days, housed the street railway offices and provided a waiting room for the cars. In the middle of Jefferson Street, a horsecar…

RREC4 Downtown Roanoke.jpg
A bird's-eye view of Downtown Roanoke at Jefferson Street looking toward Mill Mountain. The St. James Hotel is visible in the foreground. At right can be seen the Terry Building.

RREC3 Lynchburg Traction & Light.jpg
Unidentified employees of Lynchburg Traction & Light Company in front of the "streetcar barn". Lynchburg Traction & Light Company was the predescessor to the Lynchburg Division of Appalachian Power.

RREC2 Campbell Avenue.jpg
Looking east on Campbell Avenue from the 1st Street intersection. S.H. Heironimus and Company visible at left. Its location was 37-39 Campbell.

RREC1 Jefferson Street.jpg
Looking south on Jefferson Street from the Campbell Avenue intersection.

MP 1.9 Streetcar.jpg
Unidentified streetcar employees pose next to a streetcar. Location unknown.

MP 1.8 Streetcar.jpg
Unidentified streetcar employees pose next to a streetcar in Richmond. Destination sign reads Oakwood and Broad Street.

Davis 63.22 Streetcar.jpg
Two unidentified employees of Roanoke Railway and Electric stand atop a streetcar at terminal.

Davis 63.21 Street Car.jpg
Unidentified man stands next to a streetcar on Jefferson Street.

Davis 2.25 Roanoke Fair.jpg
Looking north of Jefferson Street from Campbell Avenue at crowd gathered for Roanoke Fair.

Davis 2.21 Jefferson Campbell intersection.jpg
Intersection of Jefferson Street and Campbell Avenue. Sign for Rialto Theater visible on right. The Rialto was known for showing westerns.
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