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The Virginia Room Digital Collection includes photographs, oral histories, books, pamphlets and finding aids to items in the Virginia Room. Continue to check back for new additions.

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FE023 Big Lick Hotel.jpg
Formerly located on the southwest corner of Williamson Road and Salem Avenue, the Big Lick Hotel would go through several iterations, including a portion of the Shenandoah Hotel, the Lee Hotel and Hotel Earle. The building was gutted by fire in 1991…

Davis 16.9 Shenandoah Hotel.jpg
The Shenandoah Hotel opened on 5 November 1909. Originally consisting of two buildings, separated by an 8-foot alley, the Salem Avenue facing building seen here would later become the Hotel Lee followed by the Hotel Earle. The building was destroyed…

Underwood 11 West on Campbell.jpg
Aerial view looking west on Campbell Avenue
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