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The Virginia Room Digital Collection includes photographs, oral histories, books, pamphlets and finding aids to items in the Virginia Room. Continue to check back for new additions.

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Davis 62.1 Modern Air Transport.jpg
Modern Air Transport plane parked at Woodrum Field. Modern Are Transport commenced commerical operations in 1946.

Davis 62.134 AA US Mail.jpg
American Airlines Airmail plane at Roanoke Municipal Airfield.

Davis 62.161 Baltimore Airways.jpg
An unidentified couple poses next to a Baltimore Airways plane in front of the Cannaday Farm. The Cannaday Farm would become Roanoke Municipal Airfield, then in 1941 Woodrum Field. It is the current location of Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport. …

Davis 62.1631 William Stribling.jpg
William Stribling (1904-1933) was a professional heavyweight boxer from Georgia. Seen here at Roanoke Municipal Airfield, Stribling was also an avid and accomplished aviator.

Davis 62.17 Roanoke Municipal Airfield.jpg
Mayor Sidney F. Small (left) and pilot B.A. Carpenter at the inauguration of Roanoke's passenger air service by American Airlines.

CPC 21b Trout Field.jpg
Located adjacent to and east of Fairview Cemetery along Melrose Avenue, Trout Field was Roanoke's first airfield.

RAC77 VANG Ad.tiff
An advertisement for the Rice Bottling Company depicting the Virginia Air National Guard Fighter Squadron.Organized in 1946, the Virginia Air National Guard flew the P-47 Thuderbolt.

Davis 62.123 Biplane.jpg
An unidentified man poses next to a biplane at Roanoke Municipal Airfield.

Davis 62.124 Biplane.jpg
Clayton Lemon (left) and an unidentified man stand next to a Waco aircraft.

Davis 62.1312 VPA Biplane.jpg
Volunteer Pilots Association Waco biplane at Roanoke Municipal Airfield.

Davis 62.133 AA Mail Plane.jpg
American Airlines airmail plane at Roanoke Municipal Airfield.

Davis 62.1401 Anchor Post Fence.jpg
Anchor Post Fence Company plane at Roanoke Municipal Airfield.

Davis2 62.152 Roanoke Regional Airport.jpg
A view of the terminal at Woodrum Field, now Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport.

Lt. E.H. St. Clair of Roanoke is shown in the cockpit of his flying fortress, "The Roanoke Magician", in England. He was a veteran of over 30 combat attacks and a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Class of Navy aviation cadets in front of a C-47 at Woodrum Field.

Congressman Clifton Woodrum, Sr. stands in front of his Fairchild 24. Woodrum soloed in 1942

RAC78 Dedication.jpg
A crowd gathers for the dedication of Woodrum Field. The plane in the background is an American Airlines DC-3.

RAC79 Dedication.jpg
Hostesses gather for a group photograph at the dedication of Woodrum Field. Front row, left to right: Jean Fishburn, Claudine Pendleton, Louise Frantz, Evelyn Correll, Dot Donahoe. Back row, left to right: Mae Williams, Marion Elliott, Jessie Mae…
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