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PC 124.2 Roanoke Public Library.jpg
"Roanoke Public Library, Roanoke, Virginia."

Scyphers15 Elmwood Park.jpg
A view of the pond in Elmwood Park. The Terry House is visible on the hill.

IRB125 Main Library.jpg
"A two story and basement brick building with stucco finish, metal roof, wood floors, except basement, which is brick, plastered interior finish, electric lights, low pressure steam heat. Approximately 125 years old. Occupancy: Basement - Heating…

MP 29.0 School Group.jpg
Unidentified group of children pose in Elmwood Park. Terry House in background.

MP 4.1 Terry House.jpg
The Terry House, formerly located in Elmwood Park, was the first library in the city.

Davis GL 7 Jefferson Street Looking North.jpg
Aerial view of Jefferson Street looking north.

Davis GL 42 Elmwood Park.jpg
View of Elmwood Park from the Patrick Henry Hotel.

Davis GL 38 Public Library in Elmwood Park.jpg
View of the first Roanoke Public Library in Elmwood Park. The library was located in the Terry House, a gift to the city from the Terry Family.

Davis GL 14 Pond in Elmwood Park.jpg
View of pond in Elmwood Park.

CPC 53 Terry House.jpg
Terry House, formerly located in Elmwood Park. The Terry House was gifted to the City of Roanoke in 1921 for use a library. It operated in this capacity until a new library was built in 1952.

Davis 6.123 Elmwood Corner.jpg
Intersection of Jefferson Street and Elm Avenue, looking toward the SW corner of Elmwood Park. Terry House visible through the trees.

Davis 6.122 Terry House.jpg
View of the Terry House and Elmwood Park from the Patrick Henry Hotel.

Davis 31.51 Terry House.jpg
The Terry House in Elmwood Park. The home was used as Roanoke's first public library until it the current structure was built in 1952. The home was used as recreational offices until it was razed in 1964.

Davis 15.222 Reading & Reference Room.jpg
Interior view of Main Library reading and reference rooms when it was located in the Terry House.

Davis 15.221 Main Library Interior.jpg
Roanoke Public Library. Circulation desk and main room.

Davis 15.22 Main Library Interior.jpg
Interior view of the first library. The desk in this photo is currently used in the Virginia Room.

Davis 15.212 Patrons in Reference.jpg
Ladies in the reference room.

Davis 15.211 Storytime at Roanoke Public Libraries.jpg
Roanoke Public Library's children's room. November 19, 1917.

Davis 15.21 RPL Storytime.jpg
Roanoke Public Library auditorium of the first public library in Terry home during children's book week story hour.

Davis 15.14 Old Library Building.jpg
Roanoke Public Library as seen from across Jefferson Street.

Davis 15.13 Library & Elmwood Park.jpg
Terry home in Elmwood Park shortly after its converstion to the first library. Circa 1925.

Davis 15.121 Terry House.jpg
A view of the Terry House from the driveway on Jefferson Street. The Terry House would become Roanoke's first public library in 1921.

Davis 15.12 Library Entrance.jpg
Jefferson Street entrance to the first Roanoke Public Library

Davis 15.11 Roanoke Public Library.jpg
View of the first Roanoke Public Library from across Elmwood Park. The building, known as the Terry House, was purchased with Elmwood park by the city in 1911 for $150,000.

Davis 1.98 Jefferson & Elm looking south.jpg
An aerial view of Elmwood Park.

Davis 1.96B Snow in Elmwood.jpg
Snow in Elmwood Park with view of Terry House

Davis 1.93 Elmwood Park looking from SW corner.jpg
Elmwood Park looking from SW, at Jefferson St. and Elm Ave., corner toward Terry home in park. Tennis courts at left. About 1950.

Davis 1.921 Elmwood Park.jpg
View of Elmwood Park looking from Southwest corner of Elm Avenue and Jefferson Street. Terry home and tennis courts visible.
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