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The Virginia Room Digital Collection includes photographs, oral histories, books, pamphlets and finding aids to items in the Virginia Room. Continue to check back for new additions.

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This interior view of the Martha Washington Candies store shows what the company considered its “Southern Factory.” Martha Washington Candies Roanoke franchise was started by W.G. Baldwin at 310 S. Jefferson Street in 1914. Mr. Baldwin was of the…

One of the more contemporary establishments was J.J. Newberry Company. The card boasts, “Completely air-conditioned on two large selling floors, approximately ¾ mile counter space carrying over 30,000 separate items of merchandise. A modern…

Temporary Rierson's Store that was used after old store was razed and before new store was built.

Rierson's Store. This was the original store that stood where Back Creek Elementary School stands today on Route 221.

B.G. Finnell & Sons store on Route 221, near foot of Bent Mountain.

Former store of Clem and Mae Conner along Route 221.

Former Elbe Reed store and Bent Mountain Post Office on Route 221 in process of being razed.

Grant Plaza at Cave Spring, located at 3901 Brambleton Avenue.

Rock store near Poage Farm on Route 221.

Davis2 49.31 Townside Plaza.jpg
Townside Plaza (now Townside Festival), located at 3600 Franklin Road SW.

Davis2 49.21 Lerner Shops.jpg
Lerner Shops at Roanoke-Salem Plaza, formerly located at 4142 Melrose Avenue NW.

Davis2 48.774 Top Value Stamps.jpg
Top Value Stamps, formerly located at 1519 Williamson Road NE.

Davis2 48.773 Top Value Stamps.jpg
Merchandise inside Top Value Stamps, formerly located at 318 2nd Street SW.

Davis2 48.772 Top Value Stamps.jpg
Top Value Stamps, formerly located at 318 2nd Street SW.

Davis2 48.771 Top value Stamps.jpg
Top Value Stamps, formerly located at 2613 Franklin Road SW.

Davis 44.321 W.T. Grant Co.jpg
W.T. Grant Company was located at 17-19 Campbell Avenue. The W.T. Grant Company was a variety store known for its inexpensive merchandise.

Davis 44.12 ML Curley Confectionary.jpg
ML Curley Confectionery, formerly located at 23 Salem Avenue SE.
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