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Mary Alice Nelson demonstrating the new after-hours deposit box at the Appalachian Power Company building front entrance.

Group photo of Appalachian Power Company workers in Anawalt, West Virginia to install power lines. Arch Stockton holds rolled blue prints and reins of horse.

TNC 51.0 AEP Building.jpg
Appalachian Power Company Service Center, located at 803 River Avenue, SE.

Davis2 43.127a AEP.jpg
Appalachian Power, located at 40 Franklin Road SW.

Davis2 43.1271 AEP.jpg
Contruction of Appalachian Power office located at 614 1st Street SW. View looking east on Bullitt Avenue.

Davis2 43.1265 AEP Truck.jpg
Appalachian Power employees haul an electric pole at an unidentified plant.

Davis2 43.1264 AEP Kanawha Plant.jpg
Located near Glasgow, West Virginia, the Kahawha River Plant is a coal-fired power station owned and operated by AEP.

Davis2 43.1263 AEP Truck.jpg
Appalachian Electric Power Company truck.

Davis 43.1262  AEP Appliance Demonstration Van.jpg
A.P. Co. Appliance Demonstration Van with appliances displayed by attendant

Davis 43.1261 AEP Appliance Demonstration Van.jpg
Appalachian Electric Power demonstration van

Davis 43.126 AEP Appliance Demonstration Trailer.jpg
Appalachian Electric Power demonstration trailer for farm and home.

Davis 43.125 AEP Office.jpg
The original AEP Office, once located at 129 E. Campbell Avenue, at night..

Davis 43.124 AEP Office.jpg
AEP was originally located at 129 E. Campbell Avenue before moving to 40 Franklin Road. .

Davis 43.123  AEP Office.jpg
AEP was originally located at 129 E. Campbell Avenue before moving to 40 Franklin Road. .

Davis 43.122 AEP Picnic.jpg
Appalachian Power Company employees drink Cokes in a contest.

Davis 43.121 Appalachian Power Company.jpg
Appalachian Power Company , located at 40 Franklin Road.

Davis 43.12 Appalachian Power Company.jpg
Rear view of Appalachian Power Company as seen from Bullitt Avenue.

Davis 1.252 Parking lot in front of AEPs Roanoke office.jpg
Parking lot in front of AEP's Roanoke Office at the corner of Franklin Road and 1st Street SW
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