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FE068 Greene Memorial.jpg
Greene Memorial United Methodist Church at the corner of Church Avenue and 2nd Street. In this photograph, a crowd is gathered to watch as the new La France Fire Engine was hauled to the corner to see if it could throw water as high as the steeple…

Cave Spring Volunteer Fire Department.

Davis 65.023 Vinton Fire Department.jpg
Members of the Vinton Fire Department.

RAC41 Fire Trucks.jpg
These huge vehicles represent the evolution of fire-fighting and emergency service equipment needed by airports as the number of flights increased and the size of the aircraft became larger. Both trucks are shown at Roanoke Regional Airport. They…

MP 25.0 Roanoke Fire Department.jpg
Unidentified Roanoke firemen pose on fire truck.

Davis 65.936 Philip Levy Store Fire.jpg
Ladder trucks 1 and 2 were utilized to fight the fire at the Philip Levy Exchange Store, which was burning on the top floors of the four story building.

Davis 65.935 Philip Levy Store Fire.jpg
Firemen attempt to extinguish the fire at the Philip Levy Exchange Store at 118 Salem Avenue.

Davis 65.932 Philip Levy Store Fire.jpg
Despite the efforts of Roanoke firemen, the Philip Levy Exchange store could not be saved. After burning for two hours, the building collapsed.

Davis 65.93 Philip Levy Store Fire.jpg
The Philip Levy and Company furniture store caught fire for the second time on 31 August 1928. Philip Levy was located at 118 Salem Avenue.

Davis 65.91 Fire on Campbell.jpg
The Ponce de Leon Hotel caught fire on 28 December 1928. All nine Roanoke engines and two ladder trucks were on the scene, including a hose truck from Vinton and an engine from Salem. The original 5 story portion of the hotel was destroyed and would…

Davis 65.86 Steamer #2.jpg
Steamer #2 was purchased by Norfolk & Western and placed into service in September 1907. It is shown here stored at Station #9.

Davis 65.81 Fire Equipment Test.jpg
Testing of fire fighting equipment by the river.

Davis 65.8 Fire Station 7.jpg
Fire Station #7 opened on 13 December 1922. It is located at 1742 Memorial Avenue.

Davis 65.52 Fire Station #6.jpg
Fire Station #6 opened on 5 September 1911 at 1015 Jamison Avenue. It ceased operation as a fire station in 1979. It is now used as a police substation. Fire Station #6 was added to the Virginia Landmarks Register in 1990 and the National Register…

Davis 65.51 Fire Station #5.jpg
Fire Station #5 opened on 5 September 1911. While no longer used as a fire station, the building remains at 216 12th Street.

Davis 65.31 Fire Station #3.jpg
Fire Station #3, located at 301 6th Street. Though the building still exists, it is not longer used as a fire station.

Davis 65.3 Fire Station #3.jpg
The building that housed Fire Station #3 still exists at 301 6th Street, but is now privately owned. Shown here at left is Engine #3, a Seagrave Brasshead next to Ladder #2, also a Seagrave.

Davis 65.12 Fire Station #1.jpg
Ladder #1 (left), a 1918 Seagrave, sits next to the Chief's car, a Hudson, and Engine #1 (right) at Fire Station #1. Fireman on Ladder #1, from L to R: Elsie J. Knowles, __Shillins, James E. Updike, Harry Grubb, Raymond N. Wills, Harry J. Daniels…

Davis 65.11 Fire Station #1.jpg
Fire Station #1, located at 13 Church Avenue, was completed in 1907. The building, now on the National Register of Historic Places, was in service as a fire station for 100 years. A horse-drawn hose wagon (left) and ladder truck are seen in front of…

Davis 65 Warrenton  Fire Truck.jpg
A fire truck from Warrenton, Virginia on Washington Avenue in Old Southwest. The houses in the background are in the 500 block of Washington Avenue.
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